How to Sew Scarves Cascading ScarfIt’s almost scarf season, which reminds me to share our most popular scarf-sewing blog posting! With a serger, a 1/2 yard of fabric, and a little elastic, you’ll soon be wearing a new scarf.

If you’re a Sewing With Nancy viewer, you know that sewing scarves is not a new topic for me. During my miniseries on “Sensational Scarves,” I detailed the Cascading Scarf, an 18″ wide scarf with a casing and elastic added to the center of the scarf. Here’s a variation where the scarf is finished with a serged edge, and the cascading is created with a unique elastic technique.

  • Cut two crosswise strips of fabric 7″ wide, and seam the short ends. If the length is longer than 90″, trim off the excess.

How to Sew Scarves Cascading Scarf

  • Select a rolled edge stitch on your serger. Test the stitching and adjust the stitch length if necessary. If you don’t have a serger, turn under the edges and stitch. More detailed instructions can be found in the Sensational Scarves book.
  • Serge all the edges.

How to Sew Scarves Cascading Scarf

  • Place a tiny drop of a seam sealant at the corners.
  • After the seam sealant has fully dried, clip off the excess thread tails. How to Sew Scarves Cascading Scarf
  • Press mark the center. Fold the long edges in half, then press.
  • Use 1/4″ wide elastic or cut Fantastic Elastic (Yes, you can cut this elastic.) to 1/4″ wide. The length of the elastic needed is half the length of the scarf, plus 5″.
  • Measure down 2-1/2″ from each end of the elastic. Pin the elastic to the top and bottom of the scarf, the extra 2-1/2″ should extend beyond the scarf—it serves as a handle, something to grasp onto while stretching and stitching.
  • Stretch the elastic to meet the fabric, centering the elastic over the press mark.

How to Sew Scarves Cascading Scarf

  • Set your machine for a wide zigzag and stitch over the elastic.

How to sew scarves Cascading Scarf

  • When you finish stitching the elastic to the fabric, reinforce the stitching at each end of the scarf.

How to sew scarves Cascading Scarf

  • Trim off the excess elastic. Ta da!

How to Sew Scarves Cascading Scarf Nancy Zieman

  • Clip off the second elastic tail and you’re finished!

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The original scarf instructions, plus 12 other great ideas, are featured in the book, Sensational Scarves. Then, my staff and I developed more scarf ideas in Sew Amazing Scarves. Options! Options!

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