My staff and I spend a lot of time planning, writing, and taking photos for our sewing and quilting blog postings. We find it fascinating which sewing blog posts or articles get the most clicks! Recently while reviewing the top sewing and quilting blog posts on my site, I chuckled to myself since I had forgotten about several of them! With three new topics a week on Nancy Zieman The Blog, whether you’re the writer or the reader, we each may overlook a few postings! Imagine that.

The postings listed and linked below are the top read articles on Nancy Zieman The Blog. (There are over 250 to choose from!) The topics are varied, including quilting, sewing, and answering the question that so many have in the back of their mind, “Did Nancy Zieman have a stroke?”

So here’s the list and links to the postings:

How An Idea Becomes a Notion

When presenting product design ideas to Clover, I generally have a graphic artist illustrate the idea. One time a co-worker’s husband made a prototype in wood! See the Stack ‘n Stitch Thread Towerin it’s most humble beginning.

Stack 'n Stitch Thread Tower Nancy Zieman

A Shortcut To Quilt Binding

Many of you really liked this novel approach to binding a quilt which involves a fusible, perforated interfacing.

Fuse 'n Bind Nancy Zieman

Sew a Quick Baby Quilt

Truth be told, I was in such a hurry to make this baby quilt, that I debated if I had the time to take photos during the sewing process. I’m glad I did since many of you enjoyed reading about my tying or faux-tying step.

Sew A Baby Quilt Nancy Zieman

No-Sew Gathers

Q: How do you gather without sewing? A: Use an iron!

 Fuse 'n Gather Nancy Zieman

I know You’re Wondering–I Didn’t Have a Stroke!

I have Bell’s Palsy. The malady struck when I was 14 months old. I know, it’s kinda crazy to have a TV show with my facial paralysis, but  that’s the way it worked out!

Nancy Zieman Stroke Nancy Zieman Paralysis

Sewing Tips with Laminated Fabrics

Like many of my sewing and quilting blogs, here’s a tutorial brimming with step-by-step photos.

Sewing Laminated Fabrics nancy zieman

Top 10 Ten Apron Sewing Ideas: #1—The 4-Way Apron

Mary Mulari, Sewing With Nancy’s most frequent guest, comes to my rescue once a month to help out with blog-writing duties. Her topics are always well received.

Top 10 Apron Sewing Ideas

Which is your favorite sewing blog posting?

Below, let me know which article was your favorite. Choose from one of the postings listed above, or any of the other 250+ articles on this site. Or, make suggestions on article topics!

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Nancy's favorite 101 Notions Nancy Zieman

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