By Denise Abel, Nancy’s Notions Guest Blogger

Artwork in your home should be a reflection of your personality, or your design style. If you think it’s too difficult and time-consuming to do the intricate cutting and piecing of appliqué, I’ve found a great solution. You can easily make an appliquéd wall hanging using a laser-cut image with the fusible web already applied. In just 120 minutes, you can go from raw materials to a finished piece, ready to hang in your home or give as a gift.

Start with a laser-cut fusible like Whispering Waters Fusible Appliqué, which features a serene scene of a bird resting on a branch just above the calm waters of a lake.

Next, choose a colorful ombre fabric to suit the color scheme of your home, or to create the mood or feeling you want to convey through your wall hanging. In this example, an ombre of reds, oranges, and golden-yellow creates a scene reminiscent of early morning. It’s called Break of Dawn because it looks like the sun is just coming over the horizon.

Then, prepare your laser-cut appliqué for ironing to your fabric. Peel the paper backing from the fusible appliqué and pick your favorite spot in the color gradations of your ombre fabric. You can audition different locations by gently peeling the appliqué from your fabric and moving it to a different location. Each fusible appliqué is backed with Steam-a-Seam2 fusible web, so it can be repositioned multiple times before permanently adhering it.

Once you’ve determined the perfect location for your fusible appliqué, cover it with a Teflon Pressing Sheet. This provides protection for your fusible appliqué, and also prevents fusible webbing around the edges of your appliqué from gumming up your iron. Fuse the appliqué in place with a warm iron, and allow to cool.

Finally, finish your wall hanging by adding inner and outer borders, and binding the edges using your favorite techniques. Black Kona Cotton Fabric is laser cut to create the appliqué, making it the perfect complementary fabric for your inner borders and binding.

Treat yourself—or someone else—to a beautiful piece of art that you made yourself. Laser-cut fusible appliqués come in a number of designs, from nature scenes to holiday themes. Select a fusible appliqué kit that includes the appliqué and ombre fabric, or purchase just the fusible appliqué and choose your own fabric background. Either way, you can create an easy and beautiful wall hanging in about the same amount of time it takes to watch a movie.

Thanks to Nancy’s Notions, and especially to Denise Abel, for being today’s guest blogger!

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