By Denise Abel, Nancy’s Notions Guest Blogger

A Chalkboard Table Runner is great for all seasons and occasions, plus it’s fast to create. Choose your favorite Christmas fabric, seasonal fabric, or a novelty fabric, to frame the runner, and you’ll instantly add fun to your next gathering. Your guests will enjoy labeling their dishes to pass, or writing quick messages with chalk. What a novel idea!

Begin by cutting your fabrics. You’ll need 1/2 yd. of Chalk Cloth Fabric. This project has been very popular, so this fabric is currently on backorder. You can order it here and it will be delivered to you as soon as it’s available. You’ll also need 1-1/2 yd. of your chosen Christmas fabric, seasonal fabric, or novelty fabric. Cut one 16″ x 47″ crosswise strip of the Chalk Cloth Fabric. Cut three 2″ x 54″ lengthwise strips for your borders, plus one 19-1/2″ x 50-1/2″ lengthwise strip for backing the runner. Cut two of the 2″ x 54″ strips down to 2″ x 47″—these will be your border strips for the long sides of the runner. Cut the remaining 2″ x 54″ strip into two 2″ x 19-1/2″ strips—these will be your border strips for the short ends of the runner.

Chalk Cloth Fabric looks and acts like a real chalkboard, but it has to be “cured” to take on those useful properties. Lay your Chalk Cloth flat. Use a good quality chalk or a Quilt Pounce to color the entire Chalk Cloth, moving left to right and then up and down.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the Chalk Cloth clean. Repeat the coloring, then wipe clean again and it’s ready to be used just like a traditional chalkboard. Write on it, then wipe it off and use it again and again.

Use a Mini Iron to press under 1/4″ to the wrong side on one edge of one of the two shorter border strips. Then press a strip of Inn Fuse or other paper-backed double-sided self-adhesive fusible web over the turned-under edge. Leave the paper backing in place on the fusible web. Then, use the Mini Iron to press under a matching 1/4″ to the wrong side on one short edge of the backing fabric.

Line up the two long border strips against the long edges of the Chalk Cloth, right sides together. Hold them in place with Wonder Clips. Don’t use regular straight pins, as they will leave permanent holes in the Chalk Cloth.

Use a size 90 Sharp Needle and lengthen your stitch length to 3.0. Stitch borders to long edges, then repeat with short edge strips. When all four have been stitched, press seams toward border strips using a Little Wooden Iron or a Roll & Press. Chalk Cloth is heat-sensitive, and a regular, heated iron will leave scorch marks.

Meet the backing fabric to the table runner, right sides together and aligning the pressed-under edges of the backing fabric and short border. Unfold the pressed under short edges on the front and back, and clip together with Wonder Clips to hold in place. Stitch the two long edges and the bottom edge. Press all seams and trim corners. Turn back the short edges at press marks.

Next, you’ll need to turn the table runner right side out without creating permanent creases in the Chalk Cloth. Start at the bottom edge of the table runner, and roll it toward the open edge.

When the rolled section reaches the opening, wrap the fabric at the open end around the rolled up table runner. Unroll to turn the table runner right side out. Use the Point Turner Creaser to get nice, crisp corners.

Align the turned-under edges of the border and backing fabrics. Remove the paper backing from the fusible web, and fuse the opening closed by pressing the edge with a Mini Iron. Press remaining edges of the table runner with the Mini Iron, being careful to avoid the Chalk Cloth. Edgestitch around outer edges.

Thanks to Denise Abel at Nancy’s Notions for being today’s guest blogger!

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