I may be the only one, yet I think that a sewing machine’s Ruffler Foot looks like a presser-foot dinosaur. All other feet are trim, compact, and relatively small. Then, there’s the Ruffler Foot—large, multi-faceted, and cumbersome looking.

Looks are deceiving. This unique foot is far from being antiquated. It does one thing, and it does it well. That function is to, hmm, ruffle fabric—nothing like stating the obvious.

Riley and her doll

Riley and her doll

Little girls’ outfits are perfect palettes for ruffles. Riley and her doll, Avery, are shown decked out in matching outfits that my staff and I made using the patterns in the book, All Dolled Up, written by Joan Hinds. In this month’s Nancy Zieman TV video feature, see how to use the Ruffler Foot and the Open-Toe Foot for cute results!

Here’s a sneak peak on how to use the Ruffler Foot:

•          Ruffle and attach the fabric to the base piece at the same time! The stitching occurs prior to sewing the side seam.

•          Position the base fabric under the Ruffler Foot; the fabric piece to be gathered slides in the specialty slot of the Ruffler Foot.

•          Set the Ruffler Foot to take a tuck every 6th stitch. (The top guide can be set at every stitch, every 6th stitch, or every 12th stitch.)

•          Stitch the side seam after all the layers have been sewn.

For a complete video lesson, go to nancyziemantv.com. It’s June video feature, sponsored by participating Baby Lock Retailers.

If it’s been awhile since you dug out your Ruffler Foot from the accessory box, not to worry. It hasn’t fossilized — it’s still as viable as the day you got it. How about dusting it off and putting it to use!

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