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What can you sew in 30 minutes? As examples, I can probably put in a zipper, set in a sleeve, serge several seams, or stitch a few quilt blocks. If you’d ask my Sewing With Nancy guest that same question, she would state that in 30 minutes she could sew a complete skirt, stitch a top, and create a pair of pants . . . of doll clothes! My guest is  Joan Hinds designer of easy-to-sew doll clothes for the popular 18″ dolls.

Doll sewing doesn’t have to be detailed. The simple pattern pieces mix and match and can be quickly sewn for an instant gift. Let me share the cute outfits featured in the second Sewing With Nancy program of this 2-part TV series titled, 30-Minute Doll Clothes. Watch online or on Public TV.

Playtime Top

This show begins with a playtime ensemble. Playtime is imagination time. Your little girl and her doll will go on all sorts of adventures while you supply the wardrobe.

30 minute doll clothes Playtime Top and ensemble

School Days

A little girl can get her doll dressed for the first day of school in a coordinating red, white, and blue outfit. The vest, top and skirt each take 30 minutes or less to stitch. The sewing is made simple with flat construction tips. Nancy will show you how to use your serger to simplify the sewing steps.

30 minute doll clothes school days

 Jiffy Jumper

There are three criteria for doll clothes in my book: cute, easy to make, and durable! This Jiffy Jumper fits all the benchmarks with ease. Flat construction, fusing, and serging are components for success.

 30 minute doll clothes jiffy jumper

Sweet Dreams

Your little girl can dress her doll for sweet dreams after you make a simple nightshirt out of mere inches of fabric. We have a few helpful hints to assist you in streamlining the sewing process.

30 minute doll clothes nightshirt

You’ll find all the instructions and the sewing patterns for these doll clothes and more in the book, 30-Minute Doll Clothes. You can watch this show online—it’s the feature show this week.

Sewing With Nancy 30-Minute Doll Clothes

Watch 30-Minute Doll Clothes online at nancyzieman.com or on Public TV. 

You guessed it, we’re giving away a copy of the 30-minute Doll Clothes book, compliments of Nancy’s Notions. To qualify for the give away, think back to when you played with dolls, hmm. Remember? What was your favorite doll outfit? A random winner will be chosen next week from the postings! Thanks for your interest.

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