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With a wallet filled with numerous Frequent Flyer numbers, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite travel organizers—The Jewelry Roll Up. Created with prequilted cotton fabric, zippers, Velcro, and clear vinyl; it’s an ideal travel accessory.  As far as gift giving, this organizer’s gift to you is that there’s no need to match a decor or to fit to a particular size!

The Jewelry Roll Up is one of the featured projects in my newest McCall’s Pattern, #6375. One of five travel organizers included in the pattern, the project is easily sewn with straight seams. Best of all, it’s convenient and handy for safe-keeping your accessories while traveling. The extended jewelry compartment rolls up and is kept safe in the quilted hanger cover after the Velcro closures are met together.

The sewing tip that I’d like to share with you involves topstitching the zippers to the vinyl. Here is my tip to speed-up the process:

  • Place a sheet of tissue paper under the vinyl. Position the zippers on the clear vinyl. Using a paper glue stick, dab a fine line of glue to the wrong side of the zipper and place the zipper on the vinyl. (Yes, it’s okay to stitch though the glue, the paper glue stick will not gum-up your needle—trust me. By the way, the operative word is paper glue stick, a fabric glue stick is very gummy.)

  • Topstitch the zippers to the vinyl. (Without the paper, the vinyl will “stick” as it’s fed through the machine.)

  • Tear away the tissue paper.

  • Cut away the vinyl from the wrong side of the zipper. Ta-Dah!

These and all the other instructions, of course, are included in the guide sheet that accompanies the pattern. Just in time for Christmas giving, you might consider one of the other projects in the pattern to team with the Jewelry Roll Up.

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