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Highlights of Ep. 2503 - Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z, Part 3

Learning the A B C’s of sewing will boost your sewing and quilting skills if you’re a newbie to this creative art, or perhaps, refresh your knowledge if you’ve been sewing and quilting for years. So far, we’ve gotten about two-thirds of the way through the alphabet featuring one technique from each letter. Please join me as I continue this sewing journey. Sewing A to Z, that’s what’s coming up next on Sewing with Nancy! Watch online or on Public TV.

  •  S is for Snaps—snaps that Swing. It’s an ideal technique to effortlessly prevent gaping of two edges that must meet!
  • T is for Topstitching—add a custom accent with double threads and a topstitching needle.
  • U is for Understitching—although it doesn’t show from the right side, it plays a role in keeping facings and undercollars in their place.
  • V is for Vinyl—it’s not usually thought of as fabric, yet it’s easy to incorporate it in accessory and fashion projects.
  • W is for Wrapped Corners—this technique is definitely a staple in my sewing repertoire.
  • Y is for Yo-Yos—what’s old often becomes new again!
  • Z is for Zippers—lapped zippers are my favorite style. See how to use tape for ease of pinning and topstitching.

The reference material for this 3-part series is in my new bookNancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z.

Nancy’s Corner Interview

As a kid, did you collect leaves, twigs, and dried weeds? My Nancy’s Corner guest, Barbara Schneider, continues to gather interesting shapes from nature and uses them for inspiration to create fabric artistry. Barbara is an extremely creative individual who combines photography and fabric to create amazing pieces of art.

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