“Zip it!” these days means more than quiet down, it’s a new fashion statement. Zippers are everywhere on clothes—pockets, sleeves, pant seams, plackets, and more.

Zippers Close the Gap Book by Nancy Zieman

With the resurgence of zippers, it’s time for a refresher course on inserting zippers. Zippers are easy to sew when the instructions are step-by-step and include illustrations. Check out Zippers—Close the Gap, my newest guidebook. I even include some “Zip-It Hints” to give you additional insight.

Zippers - Close the Gap

Zippers—Close the Gap features seven zipper techniques, including Single Lap Zippers, Centered (Double Lap) Zippers, Invisible Zippers, Exposed Zippers, Separating Zippers, Two-Seam Fly Front Zippers, and Advanced Fly Front Zippers.

If you’ve never tried my Two-Seam Fly Front Zipper, give it a “zip.” You’ll never go through the timely “old school” method again.

Exposed Zippers are not only used in garments, but may be used in simple cosmetic cases, purses, and more. Here is an easy way to add ribbon to a zipper and simply topstitch it to your project.

 Zippers even come in colors to match various pigment dyed sweatshirts.

Separating zippers are sewn with ease, and these “zipper uppers” are just right for jackets. (Zipper upper is a term I would say to my little boys as they put on their winter jackets, making sure the zipper was closed all the way to the top.) 

Ornamental or functional—zippers are here to stay. Why not learn the easiest ways to sew them?

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