Make a fashion statement when sewing knits! Concerned about the process? Not to worry. I’ll show you that the “Less is Best” principle applies to stitching comfy fashions. During this new episode of Sewing With Nancy, get the inside scoop on choosing knit fabrics and stitching a flattering tunic. You’ll soon see knit sewing is enjoyable and easy, and how notions can streamline the process when stitching collars, sleeves, and simple seams. Watch the all-new program, Sewing Today’s Fashion Trends—Tunics today on Sewing With Nancy.

Today’s show features McCalls Pattern M7474 available at Nancy’s Notions.

Knit Basics

Working with knits is not difficult once you understand the direction and amount of stretch available. On today’s new episode of Sewing With Nancy, we’ll review knit stretch directions, right/wrong sides of fabric and options for overlaying knit designs with each other.

Layout & Sewing Basics

Arranging the pattern pieces on knit fabrics is slightly different than woven fabrics. Interfacing, hemlines, and managing stretch are also areas to review before starting this tunic top pattern. Whether you are using a serger or special stitch on the sewing machine, this top is a snap to create.  Learn a few additional rules-of-thumb and guidelines in this Sewing Today’s Fashion Trends episode.

Trendy Details

Trendy details can easily be included when using the “Less is Best” philosophy of sewing. Yet, the results are anything but lack luster. Next, learn how to sew simple even when style is added on Sewing With Nancy.

Watch Sewing Today’s Fashion Trends on Sewing With Nancy online.

For a chance to win a copy of my new McCall’s M7474 Knit Top, please leave a comment below. The McCall Pattern Company will give away one pattern to one US resident in the 48 contiguous states.

Nancy Zieman's Giveaway WinnerThe randomly selected winner of a copy of the new Strip by Strip Patchwork Quilts DVDfrom Nancy’s Notions is Beth.

Her comment was, “Sometimes I quilt at night after work. It is so soothing to relax and forget the day. After work and on weekends I can get a lot done.”

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