How to sew a towel wrap Nancy ZiemanI decided it was time to sew something for me—a towel wrap. Three to four times a week I swim at the YMCA before heading to my office. The towels that I take to the Y are less than stellar looking. It will be great to have a new towel wrap to start off the new year!

Gather supplies!

In addition to the bath-sized towel, you’ll need 18″ of 3/4″ wide elastic, and 12″ of  Hook & Loop Tape, I chose an embroidery design from the Appliqués for Sweatshirts Embroidery Designs and fabric for the appliqué. Appliqués are ideal to add to terry cloth since the fabric rests on top of the nap, not embedded in the nap! Or, you could leave your towel wrap unembellished.

How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman

Give shaping to the towel

  • Divide the lengthwise edge of the towel into quarters; mark with pins.
  • Pin the elastic to the wrong side of the towel, meeting the ends of the 18″ of elastic to the first and third quarter marks. Position the elastic 1/4″ from the upper edge of the towel .
  • Zigzag the elastic end to the towel.
  • Turn under 1-1/4″ along the upper edge, encasing the elastic. Pin.

How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman

  • Attach a zipper foot and stitch close to, but not through, the elastic.

How to sew a towel wrap Nancy Zieman

  • Attach the hook and loop tape or Velcro.
  • Position and stitch the soft side of the tape on the inside edge of the right front, starting at the corner.
  • Position and stitch the hook side on the outside edge of the left front.

How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman

Now, personalize your towel wrap

  • Make fabric trim. Cut 1-1/2″ crosswise strips of fabric and insert through a 3/4″ bias tape maker. Press. Instant trim!

How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman

  • Topstitch the trim along the sides of the towel. Since my towel had grooves along each side, I covered the non-terry cloth sections with trim.How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman

Stitch the appliqué

  • I hooped a tear-away stabilizer, black in color. Then pressed a square of a fusible stabilizer to the wrong side of the towel in the area where the towel will be embroidered.
  • Then, with a touch of adhesive spray, the towel is applied to the hooped stabilizer.
  • The first stitching of the embroidery is a tack-down of the embroidery’s background fabric. After stitching, trim.

How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman

  • Before stitching the decorative stitch, add a layer or two of a wash-away stabilizer. The stabilizer gives the embroidery a base, preventing the stitches from embedding in the nap of the fabric.

How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman

  • Before adding the next appliqué fabric, tear away the excess stabilizer.

How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman

  • The next section to be embroidered is the body of the dragonfly. A piece of cream-colored fabric is placed over the embroidery field, the machine stitches an outline, and the excess fabric is trimmed away. Now it’s time for the decorative stitches to be sewn to cover the edges. (I’m not showing every embroidery step, I think you get the idea.)

How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman

  • The fabric for the body of the dragonfly is positioned, stitched, trimmed, and stitched again.
  • After the embroidery is complete, tear away the top stabilizer, spritz away any of remnants of the wash-away stabilizer, and remove the towel from the hoop.
How to Sew an adult towel wrap Nancy Zieman
  • Ta da! What an attractive design!

How to sew an adult sized towel wrap Nancy Zieman

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