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Did you received a PC or iPad Tablet as a gift? Is your electronic tablet or e-reader still in the original plain cover? I’d like to show you how to make an electronic tablet cover, or as I call it, a Tablet Keeper to fit almost any electronic tablet or e-reader on the market.

Whether you have an original iPad, new iPad Mini, original Kindle, new Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or—fill in the blank—you can sew a personalized Tablet Keeper to fit your electronic tablet.

The First Tablet Keeper Templates—It’s a Good Thing!

In the fall of 2011, we introduced the original Trace ‘n Create Tablet Keeper Template. It was designed to fit the Kindle, iPad, large-sized Android tablets, and more— three sizes can be made from one set of templates. The design and templates were a hit!

Trace 'n Create Tablet Keepers Nancy Zieman

The benefits of using this template design, in addition to choosing the fabric covering, are that the end product is stable and secure to protect your electronic tablet. The secret weapons are the Tablet Keeper Shapers—white plastic inserts, die-cut to size, that are inserted during the sewing process.

Trace 'n Create Tablet Keeper Nancy Zieman

There are many other electronic tablets that fit the original Tablet Keeper. Click here to check out the listing of electronic tablets that fit the Original Trace ‘n Create Tablet Keeper Templates.

A quick summary: This original Tablet Keeper fits electronic tablets such as the original Kindle, original Nook Color, iPad Mini, original iPad/iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4, and more.

Trace 'n Create Tablet Keeper Nancy Zieman

New! Tablet Keeper Templates—2.0!

Trace 'n Create Tablet Keeper Nancy Zieman

Trace 'n Create Tablet Keeper Nancy Zieman

As soon as the Tablet Keeper Templates were introduced, new electronic tablets were also brought to the market—in many different sizes! The newer Kindle Fire and the newer Nook were different in size from the first generation of tablets.

If the electronic market can introduce new, different-sized products, so can we! Drum roll please…the Trace ‘n Create Tablet Keeper 2.0! It is the same design with five additional custom-fit sizes.

Trace 'n Create Tablet Keeper Nancy Zieman

There are MANY electronic tablets that fit the Tablet Keeper 2.0 Template, click here for a listing. If you don’t see your tablet listed, email us at [email protected] and we’ll add your electronic device to the listings.

Here is a quick summary of a few of the electronic tablets that fit the new Trace ‘n Create Tablet Keeper 2.0: Nook Simple Touch, Nook HD, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Playbook, plus so many more.

 See Other Blogger’s Tablet Keepers

Trace 'n Create Tablet Keepers Nancy Zieman

Last January we sponsored a Tablet Keeper Blog TourIt’s exciting to see how other bloggers personalized their Tablet Keepers. Take a look…

Coordinate Your Accessories!

Sew a Tablet Keeper to coordinate with your bag. This photo features my new Hobo Tote Template bag on the right, and my City Bag Template design on the left. Trace 'n Create Tablet Keeper Nancy Zieman


Low-Tech Tablet Keepers

Don’t have an electronic tablet? No worries! Both the original Tablet Keeper Template and the Tablet Keeper Template 2.0 include directions on how to sew a Tablet Keeper for almost any size paper tablet.  Nancy Zieman Tablet Keeper Template 2.0 by Clover Needlecraft

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