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What begins as crosswise fabric strips, ends up in a completely bias scarf. Curious? It’s easy to sew a bias, spiral scarf with a little sewing savvy. My first recommendation is for you to watch or read the original scarf instructions. The book is Sensational Scarves and it features a total of 14 scarf options. You can watch part one, which features the Spiral Scarf, Click here to watch. (Also, consider watching part two of this TV show online, or many other Sewing With Nancy programs, anytime of the day at your convenience.)

Scarf Sewing Tips

Fabric requirements:

  • We chose three shades of polyester-chiffon fabric. (Of course, you may select any color range or color combos.)
  • Light and dark colored fabrics: Purchase 1/4 yd. of 60″ wide fabrics.
  • Medium colored fabric: Purchase 1/2 yd. of 60″ wide fabric.
Cutting directions:
  • Cut two 3-1/2″ wide crosswise strips of the light and dark fabrics.
  • Cut four 3-1/2″ wide crosswise strips of the medium fabric.

sew a scarf Nancy Zieman

  • Stitch or serge two strips of the same fabrics together, creating a long 120″ length. You’ll have four strips: one each of the light and dark fabrics and two of the medium fabrics.

sew a scarf Nancy Zieman

  • Lay out the fabric strips in the following sequence: dark—medium—light—medium. The sequence will cause the colors to gradate after sewing.
sew a scarf Nancy Zieman
  • Rotate every other strip before seaming, staggering the seams at either end of the scarf. Serge or stitch the strips together. Note: If you’re serging the seams, pin parallel to the edge of the fabric to avoid serging over a pin. Oops!
sew a scarf Nancy Zieman
sew a scarf Nancy Zieman

Cut the fabric to a specific length.

  • In order to achieve the spiral effect, the fabric rectangle must be a specific length. As I tell my TV audience, the length must be divisible by the width. (If your forehead is wrinkled, relax, I’ll give you an ideal size.)
  • Cut the length to 84″ x 12″. If the width is wider than 12″, trim.
Sew a Scarf Nancy Zieman

sew a scarf Nancy Zieman

  • If your fabric is lightweight, use an anchor cloth, which is merely a scrap of fabric. Start sewing on the anchor cloth then proceed to stitch the scarf fabric. After completing the seam, clip off the anchor cloth.
sew a scarf Nancy Zieman
  • When you’re finished sewing, there will be an opening in the middle of the scarf. Turn the scarf right side out through the opening. Then hand stitch the opening closed.
sew a scarf Nancy Zieman

sew a scarf Nancy Zieman

For more ideas, check out Sew Amazing Scarves from Nancy’s Notions.

Sew Amazing Scarves DVD

  • Long or short, square or rectangle—they can be sewn in a variety of fabrics, and take only a minimal investment of time. Whether you’re a new or seasoned sewing enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. A wealth of possibilities includes basic stitching to serging, as well as those incorporating texture and detail.
  • Two books in one assures you’ll never run out of designs. Easy instructions include full-color photographs and illustrations to take you through every step.
  • Plus, two full episodes of Sewing With Nancy present 33 innovative scarves for you to create. That’s over two hours of watch time!
  • Both the book and the video take you through a variety of scarves, including:
  • Infinity Scarf
  • Cowl Infinity Scarf
  • Fleece Scarf
  • Chenille Scarf
  • Ribbon Scarf
  • Big Pocket Scarf
  • Shirred Scarf
  • Bejeweled Scarf
  • Pendant Scarf
  • Embroidered Scarf
  • Spiral Scarf
  • Lettuce-Edge S-Curve Scarf
  • Two-Toned Scarf
  • Ruffled Scarf
  • Fringed Scarf
  • …and many more!

Watch Favorite Scarves to Sew (Part One and Part Two) on Sewing With Nancy online.

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Sew Amazing Scarves DVD

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