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In today’s spotlight on Nancy Zieman’s I Sew For Fun program, we’ll take a look at seven “Two-Button” (really easy) sewing projects designed by Nancy. Remember to implement Nancy’s lighthearted methods when introducing youth to sewing. Watch the one-part series, I Sew For Fun on Sewing With Nancy.

Nancy Zieman I Sew For Fun TV Show Nancy shares how to disregard lots of sewing rules and encourages adding a big dose of fun. Nancy’s approach of introducing youth to the experience of sewing can be paralleled to the way many of us initially work with youth in the kitchen—you work together as a team.

Nancy Zieman’s I Sew For Fun on Sewing With NancyThe little partner can crack an egg into a bowl (You may need to pick out a few shells.), fill the measuring cup, level off and dump the measuring cup (hopefully hitting the bowl), scoop out the dough, etc. And, of course, everyone can enjoy eating the cookies!

I Sew For Fun by Nancy ZiemanIn the 72-page book, I Sew For Fun, that accompanies this program, Nancy shares her step-by-step directions for 20 super-easy sewing projects.

I Sew For Fun by Nancy Zieman Skirts for Girls and 18-inch DollsGive a little partner a few project and fabric options. Then, let them choose their favorite project to complete, with your guidance! You’ll plant the seeds of love for sewing that blooms with each new project. Here’s the sneak peek at the seven different Two-Button Projects (really easy projects) included in the book:

Nancy Zieman’s I Sew For Fun Aprons

8. Aprons in three sizes

Nancy Zieman’s I Sew For Fun Pillowcase

9. Pillowcase

Nancy Zieman’s I Sew For Fun Owl Pillow

10. Owl Pillow

Nancy Zieman’s I Sew For Fun Skirts for Girls and 18-inch Dolls

11. and 12. Skirts for Girls and 18-inch Dolls

Nancy Zieman’s I Sew For Fun Two-Piece Block Quilt

13. Two-Piece Block Quilt

Nancy Zieman’s I Sew For Fun I-Spy Quilt

14. I-Spy Quilt

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Her comment is: To choose one, it would be fall with the interesting colors and the light. A four season project has always been on my to-do list. When I work on this project, I will choose a “scene” and show it in all four seasons.

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