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Recently, I glanced around my sewing studio for a pincushion. There wasn’t one in arms reach. To my surprise, I found, hmm, not one but ten all seemingly being used for one purpose or another scattered around the room. There was one on the ironing board, two at each sewing station (I’m not the only one who sews at my work sewing studio), one on display, numerous wrist cushions (I counted them as “one”, and several at the two cutting stations.

Even though sewing is my business, I surmised that I’m not the only person with multiple pincushions. Today you’ll see my collection, why not share your favorite pin holder with me!

Magnetic Pincushions–I can’t live without them!

From the first magnetic pincushion introduced over 25 years ago, to the updated version, a pincushion with polarized magnets so the pins only go in one direction, I would be lost without them. The new version also has an indentation, making it easy to grab the pins and a slip-on cover, great for taking pins along to a class.

Magnetic Pincushion Nancy Zieman

With the same design concepts in mind, the wrist magnetic pincushion called the Pin ‘n Stow, slaps around your wrist for instant pin access. It’s my favorite new notion!

Magnetic PIncushion PIn and Store Nancy Zieman

A Pincushion for Needles

I worked with Clover on bringing to market green tomato pincushions that keep hand and machine needles organized. (Once a needle is out of the package, I am never disciplined enough to put it back in its rightful place!) These distinctively colored needle cushions tell at a glance where needles should be placed. The Sort ‘n Store Machine Needle Pincushion and Sort ‘n Store Hand Needle Pincushion keep me organized.

Side note: I  place a large pin, like the Flower Head Pin, that you see in the photo, in the segment that marks the needle that I’m currently using. That way, I know where to replace the gently used sewing machine needle or hand sewing needle.

pincushions nancy zieman

Pincushions Nancy Zieman

Creative Pincushions

I helped develop a video to accompany a book by Larissa Bland, Piece in the Hoop. One of the great projects in the book is a pincushion that is embroidered and pieced all in an embroidery hoop. Having made several for the video, we now put them to use!

Pincushions Nancy Zieman

Often I give pincushions that are functional and decorative at the same time as gifts. Just waiting for an upcoming birthday of a friend, these clever designs by Katherine Artines, were again, embroidered in a hoop. The book, Posh Pincushions, includes 35 embroidery designs. These pincushions just plain make me smile!

pincushions Nancy Zieman

A Pincushion Never Grows Old

I was given this vintage pincushion from my grandmother’s sewing basket. I assume that she crocheted it, or perhaps, it was a gift from one of her sisters. Regardless, it’s a treasure that holds pins and memories.

Pincushions Nancy Zieman

Another vintage pincushion that needs no explanation is reserved for quilting safety pins. How many of you have a pincushion like this?

vintage pincushions nancy zieman

Nancy's Giveaway

Would you like an opportunity to win a Pin ‘n Stow? Tell me about your pincushion collection or your favorite style. A random winner will be announced April 25.

Magnetic PIncushion PIn and Store Nancy Zieman

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