Low Sew Project with laser-cut appliqués Nancy Zieman

Do you ever need a little reminder to be kind, be patient, have hope, to love, have peace, or have joy? I know, a rhetorical question; We all would answer yes—if not today, probably tomorrow. Those virtuous words prompted me to design laser-cut fusible appliqués that would make quick, home-décor accents that also act as a reminder.

Fusible laser-cut appliqués

When I show these appliqués at a seminar, often I can read the minds of my audience. The wrinkled brows tell me that they think that they’ll have to cut out the intricate designs following a pattern. Not so! The designs are cut and have fusible backing. In short they’re almost ready to go!

Kindness fusible laser-cut appliqué Nancy Zieman

Patience Fusible laser-cut applique Nancy Zieman

Hope Fusible laser-cut applique Nancy ZiemanPeace Fusible laser-cut applique Nancy Zieman

Love Fusible laser-cut applique Nancy Zieman

Joy Fusible laser-cut appliques Nancy Zieman

Here’s how to make low-sew appliqué wall décor

  • Clip off the extra tabs. When you remove each appliqué from the package, this is what it looks like. There are a few fabric tabs that must be clipped away. These tabs keep the design intact while in the package. You’ll be able to see right where to clip.

Fusible laser-cut appliqués Nancy Zieman

  •  Remove the paper backing from the wrong side. I like to peel it away in sections.

Fusible laser-cut appliqués by Nancy Zieman

  • Cut a rectangle of fabric. I used an Ombre fabric (some of the samples are in green others in teal), cutting it 16-1/2″ square to fit over a 12″ stretch canvas. Also, cut out 2-1/2″ squares from each corner. (You can purchase stretched canvases at an art or hobby store.)
  • Back the fabric with fusible interfacing. I used Pellon’s SofShape. For additional framing ideas see the free online instructions.

Fusible laser-cut appliqués Nancy Zieman

  •  Center and position the appliqué on the right side of the fabric. Extra rulers really come in handy!

Fusible laser-cut appliqués Nancy Zieman


  • Fuse the appliqué to the fabric. Use a Teflon Pressing Sheet; press following the instructions included with each appliqué.
  • Trivia! Did you know that Teflon Pressing sheets were first used in the restaurant industry to make omelets?

Fusible laser-cut appliqués Nancy Zieman

  • Fusible laser-cut appliqués by Nancy ZiemanStitch the corners, turn right side out, and then fit over the canvas frame. With a few metal stitches (or staples), attach the fabric to the frame. Again, the instructions are included with each appliqué, or you can view all the details online; click here.

Fusible laser-cut appliqués by Nancy Zieman

  • Hang one, three, or all six words of wisdom. We made some of the wall art with the green variegated and another grouping with the teal fabric.

Fusible laser-cut appliqués by Nancy Zieman

  • Purchase the appliqué as a set or individually. You could make each one separately or as a wall hanging!

Fusbile laser-cut appliqués Nancy Zieman

Fusible Laser-cut appliqués Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman's Giveaway

Today I need patience? How about you?

Which of these virtuous words speaks to you today? Post below. We’ll pick a random winner and send the set of all six words of wisdom as a gift, a $39.99 value. The winner will be posted on March 1.

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