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I learned to sew using two presser feet—the all-purpose sewing foot and a zipper foot. Soon I discovered that specialty presser feet could improve my sewing skills. Much later I passed this information along in a series titled, Fancy Footworks. Not all sewing machine feet were featured in that series, so you guessed it—a sequelFancy Footworks 2This week, part two of the three-part series is the Sewing With Nancy online featured video. 

A Close-up Look at the Flower Stitch Foot

What could be called the high heels of sewing machine feet, the Flower Stitch Presser Foot is a fancy-occasion presser foot. It is an ideal creative option for mid-range sewing machines.

The Flower Stitch Presser Foot Characteristics:

  • Rotating disk
  • Pattern settings: Plus to minus settings to create S—M—L flower sizes
  • Attachment lever that fits over the needle clamp

Flower Stitch Foot, Low ShankAttach the Flower Stitch Foot to your machine, grab a fabric scrap and a piece of stabilizer, and start experimenting with different built-in utility stitches. No fancy embroidery machine needed here.

Prepare the fabric and test

Whether testing or sewing the actual project, always back the fabric with a fusible interfacing and also a stabilizer. I used Pellon Sof-Shape Interfacing and a Tear-away Hydro-stick Stabilizer.

To create the flower stitches, I started with a basic zigzag stitch or satin stitch. When I found a design I liked, I wrote down my sewing machine settings and stitch number next to the flower stitchout.

When watching the Sewing With Nancy TV show, you’ll see exactly how to use this presser foot.

My guess is your testing sample will look a lot like mine!

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Fancy Footworks 2 Part two

When it’s time to sew on your featured fabric, be sure to add the interfacing and stabilizer mentioned above.

There’s more on the TV show!

Two additional presser feet are featured in Fancy Footworks 2Part Two. Tune in and see the Stitch-N-Ditch Foot—for easy work of quilt binding, and the Teflon Foot—ideal for hard-to-sew fabrics.

Watch Fancy Footworks 2 (Part One, Part Two and Part Three) on Sewing With Nancy online.

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Learn how to use specialty presser feet when sewing machine

Now that you are acquainted with these assorted presser feet, which one will you try first? Let us know in the comments for a chance to win a Fancy Footworks 2 Workbook. A randomly selected winner will be announced on July 16.

Fancy Footworks 2 WorkbookBye for now,

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