Nancy Zieman's Laser Cut appliquesChances are rather high that if you like quilting and sewing, you also like to work with your hands to dig in the soil, plant flowers or seeds, and pull the weeds. Well, maybe not the last part! I call it garden therapy.

To combine both of your hobbies in one project, why not make a wall hanging or framed fabric appliqué of Sun, Soil, Seeds, Sprouts! Forget intricate cutting and fussy application, this design is laser cut and fusible web is already applied to the wrong side of the fabric.

Here’s how easy it is to create fusible fabric art!

  • The appliqués are laser-cut with fusible backing already applied to the wrong side of the fabric. Since these designs are intricate, some of the portions of the appliqués are tabbed together to keep the design intact while in the package. (The appliqué measures 15″ x 19-1/4″.)
  • Cut the small tabs to remove the excess fabric. 

how to sew with laser cut appliqueshow to sew with laser-cut appliqués by Nancy Zieman

Remove the Paper Backing

  • Peel off the paper backing by folding down an edge with paper side up and gently rolling the appliqué between your fingers. The paper backing will pop free.
  • Or, use a straight pin. Carefully slide the pin between the paper and the web along an edge to begin the separation process.
  • After the paper has begun to separate, carefully peel away the remaining paper without stretching the fabric. The less the appliqué is handled before fusing the less the edges will fray.

how to sew with laser-cut appliqués by Nancy Zieman

Prepare the Fabric:

Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. My favorite fusible to use for this project is ShirTailor by Pellon.

Position the Appliqué

  • Cut fabric 4″ longer and wider than the finished artwork.
  • Position the appliqué on the right side of the fabric.
  • Use rulers to check both the horizontal and vertical placement.
  • Smooth out any ripples or bumps.

How to sew with laser-cut appliqués by Nancy Zieman.

 Test Fuse

  • Test fuse prior to fusing the actual appliqué to determine proper pressing time and iron temperature. Once fused, the bond of the appliqué is permanent.
  • Designs include a scrap background fabric or a separate piece of fused fabric.
  • Use this scrap piece and test with a scrap from the background fabric.
  • Follow the steps below for fusing. If the test fabric does not bond properly, prewash the background fabric.
  • Testing will also determine exactly how much time is needed to press each side of the fabric to get a firm bond.

Fuse the Appliqué

How to sew with laser-cut appliqués by Nancy Zieman.

  • Press—not iron—in an up and down motion and hold for 10–12 seconds in each location. (Sliding the iron could cause the appliqué to shift.)
  • Turn the fabric over and without a pressing sheet, press, with steam, the entire appliqué. Do not skimp on pressing since this step will form the permanent bond.
  • When cool, check that all edges are tightly attached.

Frame the Artwork

  • Wrap the fabric around cardboard or Foam Core that has been padded with Pellon Fleece, using heavy-duty tape to hold the fabric in place. I used the cardboard from the purchased 16″ x 20″ frame.
  • Simple!

How to sew with laser-cut appliqués by Nancy Zieman. Insert the fused appliqué in the frame. Ta da!

How to sew with laser-cut appliqués by Nancy Zieman.

Nancy Zieman's Giveaway

For a chance to win one of these appliqués. Post your comment sharing your favorite type of gardening? (I have a small veggie garden plot, but working in my perennial flower bed is my ultimate therapy.)

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Greetings from my garden along with my pal, Lucas!

Nancy Zieman's Laser Cut appliques

Thanks to Brehm’s Nursery for letting me use their nursery for a photo shoot. If you’re ever in Beaver Dam, WI and want to get lost in lovely flowers, stop by Carl and Lori’s beautiful nursery.

How to use fusible laser-cut appliqués for a low-sew project

Brehm's Nursery Beaver Dam WI

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