A jeans jacket is a go-to wardrobe basic. They’re casual, comfortable, and essential. Today’s guest took that wardrobe staple and gave it options—many options. Welcome back Lorraine Torrence, fashion sewing expert, who takes our fashion sewing to the next level on Fashion Sewing: Plain to Fabulous Part Two.

On this Sewing With Nancy episode, you’ll see how innovative sewing can be, using a denim jacket style as a base. To show style changes, Lorraine and Nancy used a classic jacket called the Jambalaya Jacket. Anytime there is a panel to fill, use that space to show your style! See how easy it is in part one of this series, Fashion Sewing: Plain to Fabulous. If you missed part one, Lorraine and Nancy modified and personalized her Town & Country Tunic. Watch part one here.

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Global Influence

If you’re spending time and talent to make a jacket, why not personalize it. Lorraine’s version of a jeans jacket is the perfect palette to showcase unique fabric combos. Lorraine’s first version of the Jambalaya Jacket combines African and Guatemalan fabrics. It’s a jacket with global influence.

Strike a Cord

You might think of cording as a mundane accent, added along an edge or insert in a buttonhole. Cording can be anything but routine when you add Lorraine’s free form, meandering stitching to fill a space. Not only does this type of stitching add interest, there’s an added benefit of creating texture. We call this technique—Strike a Cord! Watch how this jacket is created on Sewing With Nancy.

Unlikely Partners

Jeans Jackets and denim are a dynamic duo. But what about the iconic jacket style made with organza! On today’s featured episode, sheer fabric and this structured pattern at first thought seemed unlikely partners. In reality, they make a testimony to the power of sewing where creativity is only limited by your imagination.

Carefree Couching

Small lengths of decorative thread and random stitching create the unique centerpiece sections of Lorraine’s next technique. No need to measure or worry about being accurate, this carefree type of couching—topstitching a heavy thread on fabric—is an ideal way to add an accent without a great deal of planning. See how easy it is to use a Free Motion Couching Foot on your machine as we demonstrate the technique in today’s episode of Sewing With Nancy.

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