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Nancy Zieman (June 21, 1953–November 14, 2017) was an American author, designer, businesswomen, TV producer, blogger and national sewing authority, and host of the popular show Sewing With Nancy. As you know, Nancy Zieman touched the lives of millions as they stitched alongside, or simply tuned in to watch, the inimitable Nancy Zieman and guests on Public Television’s longest-running sewing show [35 years], Sewing With Nancy. We remember Nancy today, and everyday, and we’re pleased to share news of how Baby Lock is honoring our friend Nancy:


This Fall, at the annual Baby Lock Tech Retailer’s Convention, The Tacony Corporation and Baby Lock Sewing Machines honored Nancy Zieman’s intense passion and tireless devotion to the sewing world—with a beautiful award presentation. To say the least, Nancy Zieman was a legend in the sewing industry. To celebrate Nancy’s incomparable spirit, The Nancy Zieman Humanitarian Award recognizes a Baby Lock retailer that embodies Nancy’s tireless and selfless devotion to sewing and using it to connect people from all walks of life.

Initially known as the President’s Award for Humanitarian Achievement, this award recognizes Baby Lock retailers who have had an impact on their local communities or have reached out to those in need far beyond the scope of their own location.

We’re pleased to share with you the news that Sandra L. Pirdy, owner of Creekside Fabrics Quilts & Yarns, 237 Main St., Arcade, NY 14009, was awarded the inaugural Nancy Zieman Humanitarian Award for her volunteer outreach work with Cozy Quilt Ministries.

Baby Lock Sewing Machine Company Presents the Nancy Zieman Humanitarian Award

Left to right; Andy Touchette, Tacony Senior Vice President of Sewing Sales; Kristi Tacony Humes, Tacony Cheif Executive Officer; Ted Zieman; Avery Zieman; Ali Zieman; Luella Zieman; Sandy Pirdy, Crekside Fabrics, Quilts & Yarns; Craig Meyer, Tacony Senior Vice President of Sewing Marketing; and Steve Jeffery, Tacony Senior Vice President.

Cozy Quilt Ministries started in August 2004, with the second Cozy Quilt Home being held at Creekside Fabrics Quilts & Yarns classroom, September 13, 2004. To date there are 10 active Cozy Quilts Ministry groups, including Creekside Fabrics Quilts & Yarns. Cozy Quilts started with one friend caring for another. Kelley Carson (group leader) made a “cozy quilt” for her friend, Connie who was diagnosed with colon cancer. Together they realized a need for warmth at the infusion center where she was receiving chemotherapy. Kelley approached Sandy—at her store—and Sandy immediately committed to helping the project. 14 years later, their combined groups have created and distributed 6,571 quilts to 50 States and 14 foreign countries. The Creekside group alone has created 1,184 that have been distributed to 39 states and 7 foreign countries.  Each quilt is packaged in a tote bag and includes a handmade card and a book titled When God and Cancer Meet by Lyn Eibes.

“During these countless years, many quilters have come and gone, and some have received quilts of their own. Cancer does not discriminate and this is one way we can share the burden of this disease—together.”  Sandra L. Pirdy, owner of Creekside Fabrics Quilts & Yarns


In August, at the annual Baby Lock Tech Retailer’s Convention, Nancy’s son, Ted Zieman, his wife Ali, their daughters Avery and Luella, and Deanna Springer from Team NZP, were honored to be present and participate in awarding The Nancy Zieman Humanitarian Award to Sandra Pirdy. Sandy and Deanna have stayed in touch. This week, Sandy sent the following note to the Zieman Family and Team NZP:

“I cannot express in the truest of words, what the honor of having the first recognition of the Nancy Zieman Humanitarian Award means… I have read Richard’s book, Nancy Zieman The Rest of the Story—A Memoir of Faith, Family, and Friends three times, and each time she speaks to me in different ways. And, the tears still flow. I cannot imagine your thoughts and feelings. Last night we had our usual Cozy Quilts meeting and discussed how we felt about what we do… At the end of each session we have a devotional and prayer. One of the prayer requests came in the form of a loss of life due to diabetes and heart disease of one of our community members. Just as we finished the prayer—his son walked in to tell us of his father’s passing (thinking that we might have not known). We, as a collective group believe that we are equipped to help and this is our way, doing what we do best, sewing, quilting, and gathering.

Personally, I was very overwhelmed with receiving the honor of the Nancy Zieman Humanitarian Award. I immediately felt I wanted to do more to honor Nancy.  But now that a few months have passed, I see where we need to be—meeting the needs as they come, in whatever way it means. The Cozy Quilt ladies are quite a loyal and dedicated group with very dynamic and fun personalities. I am honored to be part of this group, and to have our store partner with them. Kelley Carson, our leader, has dedicated the ‘off hours’ of her life to this ministry and I am grateful for her faith, friendship, and her vision. The members of our group include: Barb Baird, Judy Russell, Marge McCutcheon, Nancy George, Dorrie Clinch, Card maker Karla Carson and myself as the official binder of the quilts!!! ” Sandra L. Pirdy, owner of Creekside Fabrics Quilts & Yarns


The Zieman Family and Team NZP are humbled and grateful for Baby Lock’s kindness, generosity, and commitment to honoring Nancy with this incredible award. We’re also very proud to honor Sandy Pirdy with the inaugural Nancy Zieman Humanitarian Award for her volunteer outreach work with Cozy Quilts Ministry.


Happy Sewing,

Team Nancy Zieman

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