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Earlier this month I was a speaker at Baby Lock’s Love of Sewing Retreat in Nashua, NH. Presenting my favorite sewing and quilting techniques to an auditorium filled with enthusiastic Sewing With Nancy followers is a joy. The side benefit is seeing the clever sewing and quilting creations made by others.

After I demonstrated the Designer Handbags technique (embroidery designs for strap connectors, corners, and tabs) an attendee, Kim Blanchard, caught my attention and shared her handbags made with the same embroideries. The handbag looked nothing like my bag. I was intrigued!

Kim shared how she embroidered the strap connectors to the inside/lining of the bag as not to interfere with her patchwork design on the outside of the bag. What a great idea! Her bags are equally as artistic on the inside as the outside. (The inside of this bag features the Scalloped Strap connector.)

Designer Handbags. How to easily sew and embroider handbags. Nancy Zieman

She shared several bags, including a dramatic black and white tote.

Designer Handbags. How to easily sew and embroider handbags. Nancy Zieman

Inside you’ll find the embroidered strap connectors, the Marguee Strap Connector Embroidery, one of the 28 embroideries in the Designer Handbags book/DVD. This bag makes quite a statement.

Designer Handbags. How to easily sew and embroider handbags. Nancy ZiemanShe also used the strap connector embroidery on the outside of the bag—that’s the more traditional way.

Designer Handbags. How to easily sew and embroider handbags. Nancy Zieman

Designer Handbags Nancy Zieman Eileen RocheWhy So Many Bags?

Kim and her friends at the North Parrish Quilter’s Guild have been making handbags for a good share of the past year for an upcoming event. The  “Purse-N-Ality” auction and fashion show will take place May 14 in North Reading, MA. Click here for more information. I only wish that I lived closer so that I could go!

This is an extremely prolific and generous group of quilters! Besides their annual auction, they make 100 quilts a year for Hole In The Wall Gang , 25 quilts for the Yawkey Center/ Childrens Hospital, and 50 smaller quilts for dog and cat beds, which are donated to the SPCA.

Special thanks to Kim for sharing her handbags with personality!

Be Creative With Your Bags!

There are 28 embroidery designs for handbags in the book with companion CD, Designer Handbags. (Click here to read more about the book and CD.) Eileen Roche and I designed the projects and truly enjoy seeing what you create using the embroideries and sewing tips. Truthfully, I would have never thought of using the strap connectors as part of the lining of the bag as interpreted by Kim, our featured stitcher!

Designer Handbags Nancy Zieman Eileen Roche

Click here to watch Designer Handbags, Part One Online!

There are three seasons of Sewing With Nancy Videos to watch at your convenience!

Sewing with Nancy Designer Handbags Nancy Zieman

Here’s two of the original Designer Handbags.

Designer Handbags Nancy Zieman and Eileen RocheDesigner Handbags Nancy Zieman and Eileen RocheShare your Creative Sewing or Quilting Projects

Each month, I’d like to feature sewing or quilting projects from a guild, sewing or quilting group, or individual. Send your submissions to [email protected]. Attach a photo or two!

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