Using a serger sewing machine to only clean finish edges is comparable to using only a microwave to warm water for tea! You’re not getting the full value from your purchase. To solve this dilemma, I invited serging specialist, Pam Mahshie National Baby Lock Ambassador, to be my guest on Sewing With Nancy.

Pam can just about make a serger sing! If you need a rehearsal before making your serger sing, take a look at our Sewing With Nancy online video. Click here to watch Ultimate Serger Techniques, episode one. We go through basic to creative serger techniques, making small samples. If you do the same, you’ll learn many techniques in a short period of time!

Here’s a review of what you’ll see on the first episode of Ultimate Serger Techniques.

Beginning and Ending Seams

You can’t go in reverse on your serger to lock the stitches, but you can stitch over the thread tails. Learn Pam’s clever ways to lock the thread tails at both the beginning and end of the seams.

Sewing With Nancy Zieman How to use a serger

Serge a Curve

Sometimes it is difficult to serge around curved edges without getting loopy threads hanging off the edge. This technique will give you smooth results every time.

Sewing With Nancy Zieman How to use a serger

Piecing Options

Piecing a quilt top with your serger might have never crossed your mind. Yet, for simple quilt designs, the serger is a fast and accurate way to make a quilt top. Seam traditionally or . . . with decorative threads and the seams exposed. Either way, your serger can be a go-to quilting machine.

Sewing With Nancy Zieman How to use a serger

Sewing With Nancy Zieman How to use a serger


Home décor, wearable art, or kids’ clothes—those are all categories where piping accents add interest and texture. With a serger, piping is easier than ever to include in a seam or along the outer edge of your next project.

Sewing With Nancy Zieman How to use a serger

Adding a Blanket Stitch

A blanket stitch is an ideal way to finish the edges of fleece. Why?—The stitches will always be even and the process extra easy. Learn how to add a blanket stitch with a 3-thread flatlock setting.

Sewing With Nancy Zieman How to use a serger

Click here to watch the first episode of Ultimate Serger Techniques online. Then, click here to watch the second episode.

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There are three seasons of programming to watch online, or on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Have you downloaded the app?

A Serger Workbook with 33 Serger Techniques!

Several seasons ago, Pam and I presented a 3-part Sewing With Nancy series simply called the Serger Workshop. The Ultimate Serger Techniques Workshop spiral bound book combines the information from both series. Learn 33 techniques using 10 different serger stitches! Click here to learn more about the Ultimate Serger Techniques Workbook.

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Ultimate Serger Techniques Workbook

Nancy Zieman's Giveaway Winner

The random winner of a copy of the Trace ‘n Create Grandmother’s One-Patch Quilt Template Collection from Clover, is Pamelyn. Here’s her comment:

Hi Nancy! This is a great pattern! I just finished an Anita’s Arrowhead block quilt to give to my MIL. She’s has cancer and needs lots of rest. I plan to surprise her with it on Easter Day. Thank you for sharing your sewing talents with us. You are inspiring! 

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