Seams Unlikely by Nancy Zieman Book Club questions

When Cheryl from our book club asked me on the side what I thought about choosing my autobiography, Seams Unlikely, as the next book choice, I quickly said, I don’t think so! Having my friends and acquaintance discuss my life in my presence would be comparable to wearing a skimpy swimming suit on a public beach. Regardless, the majority ruled and Seams Unlikely became our July book club topic.

Seams Unlikely by Nancy zieman/Seams Unlikely book club questions

Like many book clubs, our group meets once a month, rotates between homes, and gathers at the designated date at 7:00 for a potluck meal. The challenge is to bring a dish to pass that is referenced in the book or a food that is associated with the region or country. We had lots of desserts for the Seams Unlikely potluck. Hmmm, does that give you any indication of my life!

From Seams Unlikely page 90 — It may seem like a small thing, but I’ll never forget that cake and the welcome relief her visit brought us. Our moods lifted—mother’s and my own–while we savored Betty’s cake and company. That experience taught me a lot about the gift of food. When you don’t know how to help someone, get into the kitchen and bake! 

Seams Unlikely by Nancy Zieman/book club questions for Seams Unlikely

Why I Wrote an Autobiography

I feel compelled to explain that writing an autobiography was not on my bucket list! But I often say, Google made me do it!

Book Discussion Fostered Sharing

I live a low-key life in our little town, so being the focal point of our book club was slightly disconcerting. After lively discussion, people sharing where they laughed—where they cried, I asked each fellow book club member to share something about their lives that most people around the table wouldn’t know. The next hour of discussion was engaging, insightful, and created a tighter bond.

Seams Unlikely by Nancy zieman/Seams Unlikely book club questions

Seams Unlikely Book Club Questions

Not having prepared a list of questions for Seams Unlikely, I searched and found a generic list of questions applicable for an autobiography prepared by Bellingham Public Library. Here is a short list of the questions that you might consider.

  • What did you know about the subject prior to reading this book?
  • Did you learn anything new about this person?
  • If you knew of the subject before, did anything you read change your opinion?
  • Is this someone you would want to know or have known?
  • What did you find to be the most interesting events in this book?
  • What, if anything, surprised you?
  • If this person impacted history, discuss what may have been different without his or her presence.
  • Compare this book to others your group has read. Is it similar to any of them?
  • What did you like or dislike about the book that hasn’t been discussed already?
  • Would you recommend it to a friend?

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What Books Have You Been Reading?

Our book club is always looking for book suggestions from the classics to current. For a chance to win a copy of Seams Unlikely, share what you’ve been reading and why you would or would not recommend the book.

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