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Nancy Zieman was often asked, “How do you determine topics for your TV show, Sewing With Nancy?” Good question! There are many answers to that question—what she wanted you to learn, what she thought you’d like to know, what’s trendy in sewing, quilting, or embroidering . . . and the basics, there are always newcomers or those of us who need refresher courses.

The basics, that’s what drove Sewing With Nancy’s 3-part series, Fearless Quilting Finishes, teaching the basics of quilting borders, quilting, and binding.

During the first online Sewing With Nancy streaming video, you’ll learn eight, yes eight, techniques in one 30-minute show! From the most simple border to some artsy options!

Checkerboard Border Preview

  • Cut crosswise strips of light and dark fabrics to use in the main quilt design. (Nancy used 1-1/2″ strips in this small wall quilt or table topper.)
  • Stitch together a light and a dark strip, right sides together. Press seam toward the dark fabric. Cut strips in half.

Fearless Quilting Finishes Nancy Zieman

  • Stack two of the half-strips, right sides together, positioning the light coloration of one strip over the dark section of the second strip.

Fearless Quilting Finishes Nancy Zieman

  • Subcut strips into sections the same width as the strip.

Fearless Quilting Techniques Nancy Zieman

Fearless Quilting Techniques Nancy Zieman

  • Join subcut pairs, right sides together, to form the 4-patch. Chain stitch pairs, one after the other.

Fearless Quilting Techniques Nancy Zieman

  • Press the seams open and lay out the 4-patch blocks to create a checkerboard border.

Fearless Quilting Techniques Nancy Zieman

Simple, but creative, don’t you think? This border shines by itself!

Fearless Quilting Techniques Nancy Zieman

Seven more ideas during the show!

The Best of Sewing With Nancy TV Show hosted by Nancy Zieman



All the details are in one place!

You’ll find all the details in the Fearless Quilting Finishes book.

For a chance to win a copy of the Fearless Quilting Finishes book from Nancy’s Notions, please tell us your favorite quilt finishing technique.

 The randomly selected winner of the Quilt with Carefree Curves book and a set of the Carefree Curves Templates, is Anne Z.

Her comment is: I love the Hearts and Gizzard block. I always love traditional blocks done in modern colors and fabrics to give them a new look.

Happy Quilting,

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