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I’ve had the privilege of attending several of Debbie Bowles, Maple Island Quilts, quilting classes. Recently, while trying to be incognito in the back of the room, my thoughts quickly raced to the obvious conclusion, She’d be an ideal Sewing With Nancy guest! After the class I approached Debbie with the idea—bingo—a new TV series was in the making.

What attracted me to Debbie’s patterns was the size of the blocks and how speedy they are to cut and stitch. Last week I featured the first series of Sew Big Block Quilts that premiered on Sewing With Nancy. (You can watch online.) This week, the second episode features another of her Block Quilts, specifically BQ3, a block that has motion!

Start with an 18″ BIG block

Sew Big Block Quilts Nancy Zieman Debbie BowlesThe unique right and lower edge rectangular sections give this quilt block motion. Fabric choices—light, medium, and dark—are paramount in making the block move. Quilting confession: I often choose too many medium shades and then the design is lost. Anyone else have that problem?

Another wonderful feature of the BQ3 pattern is that large prints shine in this design!

Watch and learn

During this episode, which you can watch online, Public TV, on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone or DVD, Debbie and I give you the ins and outs of making this block. Her patterns give all the details.

Sew Big Block Quilts Nancy Zieman Debbie Bowles

Design options

Black is an ideal fabric color choice to set the 18″ blocks in motion.

Sew Big Block Quilts Nancy Zieman Debbie BowlesHave you ever purchased a fabric panel, a specific irresistible design, but then wonder what to do with it? Debbie solves the dilemma by cutting up the panel and using specific sections in this design. Charming!

Sew Big Block Quilts Nancy Zieman Debbie BowlesHere’s a close-up of one of the wall hanging blocks.

Sew Big Block Quilts Nancy Zieman Debbie BowlesIf your fabric has a one-way direction, Debbie shares her tricks for keeping the design going in one direction!

Sew BIg Block Quilts Nancy Zieman Debbie BowlesThis is a quilt pattern for all ages.

Sew BIg Block Quilts Nancy Zieman Debbie BowlesEasy Patterns

Follow along with Debbie’s patterns. Here are the two designs featured on TV, Sew Big Block Quilts BQ and BQ3. (Yes, there is a BQ2, but we didn’t have time to show that design!)

Sew Big Block Quilt Patterns Debbie Bowles

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