Super-size it! That’s something Nancy rarely said at a restaurant, but often when quilting. Nancy started with a traditional quilt pattern and expanded the size. This no-fat super technique adds drama to a quilt project, but also saves time on piecing. Over the past Sewing With Nancy seasons, Nancy recorded several episodes featuring super-sized quilts. She decided to include her favorite dramatic quilts in the The Best of Sewing With Nancy’s Super-Sized Quilts series, bringing back the recorded segments from past shows. Find the complete two-part series book at Nancy’s Notions.

Lone Star Quilts

Early in her quilting career, Nancy made a Lone Star Wall Quilt as a wedding gift. Nancy almost didn’t give the gift away, as she was somewhat embarrassed that not all the seams met in the center. After all, she was Sewing With Nancy, what would people think! Later Nancy became eager to show you the same quilt block, this time with a technique that’s practically guaranteed to cause pride, not embarrassment. Nancy broke the rules and shared her tips with you in the The Best of Sewing With Nancy’s Super-Sized Quilts.

How to sew a long star quilt block Nancy ZiemanWhether you choose a traditional arrangement or mix it up a bit with a contemporary design, these quilts can be easily created without Y-seams. Both quilts are variations of the Lone Star block, which is based on eight pointed diamond shapes. All of these quilts are made with a template trio, Trace ’n Create Lone Star Template.

Dresden Quilt

The title of this quilt design is Sew Grand Dresden. Nancy looked back over past Sewing With Nancy titles and realized that she never used the word grand before! With meanings such as majestic and impressive, it sounds a bit boastful. Yet grand appropriately describes the large, 38″ Dresden plate appliquéd in the center and four 16″ Dresden plates, that frame the center motif. The larger Dresden appliqués can be stitched in approximately the same amount of time as smaller blocks, one of the bonuses to super-sizing your quilt blocks. Dresden wedges can easily be created in any size with the help of Sew Grand Dresden Templates.

Sew Super Size Quilts Easily with Tips and Techniques on Sewing With Nancy hosted by Nancy ZiemanAlthough one of the most recognizable traditional quilt patterns, Dresden designs can also shine in a contemporary setting. In this next quilt, Twirling Parasols, Nancy used only solid fabrics to create a color-blocked background and Dresden wheels. Notice how the same colors were used in the background and foreground; this creates the illusion that the foreground shapes are floating.

While fantastic for appliqué and larger quilts, Dresden designs look great in any circle or round project including table toppers and Christmas tree skirt designs.

Sew Super Size Quilts Easily with Tips and Techniques on Sewing With Nancy hosted by Nancy ZiemanSew Super Size Quilts Easily with Tips and Techniques on Sewing With Nancy hosted by Nancy Zieman.

Sew Super Size Quilts Easily with Tips and Techniques on Sewing With Nancy hosted by Nancy Zieman

Use the book from this two-part series to create the quilts.

Watch The Best of Sewing With Nancy’s Super-Sized Quilts (Part One and Part Two) on Sewing With Nancy online. 

The Best of Sewing With Nancy TV Show hosted by Nancy Zieman

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