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Every Last Piece Scrap Quilts on Sewing With Nancy with host Nancy Zieman and guest Lynn HarrisWhether you have bins of fabric scraps or just a few odds and ends that you can’t part with, Lynn Harris, Nancy’s guest on this episode of Sewing With Nancy, will share refreshing ways to incorporate scraps in quilt designs. Learn to use fabric pieces of every size, from tiny scraps to larger pieces, during the featured program, Every Last Piece.

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Window Garden Quilt

In our featured Sewing With Nancy TV show, Every Last Piece, Lynn shares her “string piecing” methods for creating beautiful scrappy quilts. If your scrap bin is like Lynn’s, it’s overflowing with scraps of all sizes and shapes. The square blocks in Lynn’s Window Garden quilt are made with “strings” of fabric. The secondary pattern is created with the addition of Hourglass blocks. This is a great way to make a bigger quilt from fewer string-pieced blocks.

String Quilting Basics

Lynn will demonstrate the basic techniques of how to create string-based designs on this episode. Start by choosing larger scrap pieces that extend past your desired block size. Vary the angle of the seams for added interest. See how easy it is—on this episode of Sewing With Nancy.

Wind Farm Block

Trim the string blocks to fit Lynn’s Wind Farm Block template included within the book and cut the wedge template shape from coordinating fabrics. The effect is a spinning pinwheel design with a unique scrappy touch. (Focus your eyes on the blue areas and the spinning Wind Farm Wheels pop!)

String Quilting Shapes

Now it’s time to take strip piecing to the next level. Instead of creating square blocks, stitch leftover pieces to a specific shape. Lynn’s quilt, Rose Lattice, creates great visual movement by cutting the blocks on point. It’s a relatively simple way of creating a free-form block that really makes a statement. See the quilt on this episode of Sewing With Nancy.

Paris on a Shoestring Quilt

Large pieces of a Paris map fabric inspired the name of this quilt, Paris on a Shoestring. Lynn played around with string triangles that she made ahead, and then laid out the blocks in a star design. What a great way of combining pieces with yardage!

Solar Flare Quilt

No matter what size or shape, use those treasured scraps to fit any template shape. Solar Flare, Lynn’s next string quilt, combines triangles of scraps and other triangles of solid fabric. A layout suggested by her son, has both drama and style.

Beach Balls Quilt

Lynn’s Beach Balls quilt is an exercise in a controlled use of color. The design features monochromatic string-pieced squares in the background and brightly colored beach balls made of wedges. The best part—the design was totally created from her scrap bin. Watch how Lynn demonstrates working with this traditional Drunkard’s Path design on Sewing With Nancy on Every Last Piece.

Making Stars from Fabric Scraps

When your scrap box is dwindling down, it’s time to make stars! Lynn worked on making stars for several months until she had accumulated several hundred! Yes, several hundred patches. Then, she laid them out into 9-patch units. Work in small batches, and soon, you too will have enough stars to make a small or even a bed-sized quilt named Stardust.

Watch Every Last Piece on Sewing With Nancy online. 

Every Last Piece by Lynn Harris | Sewing With Nancy | Nancy Zieman | Scrap Quilting

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Her comment is: I don’t throw any scraps away and reuse them on a variety of sewing designs/projects. The smallest is 1/2″ x 1/4″ – they can be used as ‘tools’ for any sewing project, i.e. reinforcing elastic used in waistbands. The latter use was a tip I learned on Sewing with Nancy!

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