Column Quilts by Nancy ZiemanAre you looking for a stash buster for a scrap quilt project? This folded column quilt is the answer! The steps are simple: fold, then quilt. There are no pieced triangles and zero bias cut edges. This three-dimensional project has guidelines, rather than an exact pattern, so it is perfect for every size fabric scrap in your stash. Talk about easy!

In the book/DVD and Sewing With Nancy TV Series Quick Column Quilts, you’ll learn how to cut 4″ to 5″ widths of fabric for the columns, plus use up your scraps as the dimensional folded pieces. If you’re like me, you’ll find plenty of scraps in your stash!

  • Fold 2″, 3″, or 4″ squares or rectangles of fabric into geometric shapes such as half-square triangles, trapezoids, right-square triangles, or rectangles.

  • Place the shapes on the column strips. Then, stitch a seam in the column to enclose the raw edge of the geometric shape. Add as many shapes per column as you’d like—you’re the quilt designer!

  • Sashing strips frame each column—choose a dark color for the most dramatic results. Cut strips 1-1/2″ or 2″ wide. Stitch to each side of the column.

  • In the book, you’ll find details on how to “quilt-as-you-go,” sewing the batting and backing to each column section. It’s a speedy quilting option!

  • The end result has great texture and dimension. It’s a great child’s Tummy Time Quilt.
Note from Nancy: If you have more than a couple fabric scraps, consider making this quilt larger. You are the designer, simply make the columns longer or wider and continue to add folded fabric shapes.
Column Quilts by Nancy Zieman

Watch Quick Column Quilts online to see all the steps of making this column quilt with dimension!

So let’s get going! Sort out fabrics that complement each other, cut into strips, fold into shapes, and do a little stitching! As you’re surmising, there are no rules—just guidelines with this Column Quilt.

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