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If you’ve been following my blog this week, you’ll know that we’re getting ready for our annual Quilt Expo Event in Madison, WI, September 4–6. The community service project is called Quilt to Give. Last year, 25 bed quilts were sewn and/or donated. 

This year, we’re asking for twin-sized quilt donations—that is the size we’ll be making during this year’s expo. Why? The two organizations that will be receiving the finished quilts, Enchanted Makeovers and Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) both requested this particular size. Enchanted Makeovers services women’s shelters and Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) is a woman’s shelter with twin-sized beds in each room.

Not coming to the Quilt Expo?  Make a quilt yourself or with friends. Click here for the free online instructions. It’s an attractive project that can often be made from a fabric stash.

The Easiest Quilt to Give Quilting Project

Each year I sew a project or quilt to give away to those in need. This year my goal was to create a quilt top using the Quilt to Give project, making it really simple by selecting a striped fabric for the center section. Click here to read how to sort the fabrics and how to cut the crosswise strips. Here’s a brief explanation of how my staff and I completed the quilt top. (You guessed it; I needed help to get it finished!)

  • Stitch the column units. The sides of each column unit are made from two solid-colored crosswise strips sewn together end-to-end. The middle striped section is also made from two lengths of the striped fabric.

Note from Nancy: Most striped fabrics have a consistent design—not this fabric! To vary the positioning of the stripes, I stitched two crosswise strips of the striped fabrics together end-to-end, which created a large continuous circle of strips. Then, I cut the circle apart to create a different starting and ending point. Prior to finding this fabric on the donation table at last year’s Quilt Expo, I never saw a striped fabric by the yard with such a unique pattern. I didn’t chronicle the steps since it’s unlikely that you’ll find a fabric like it. 

Quilt to Give. How to sew an easy twin-sized quilt by Nancy Zieman

  • When determining how many crosswise strips of fabric to cut for the twin-sized quilt, download the twin-sized quilt worksheet. I referenced the worksheet again prior to laying out the columns.

Quilt to Give Twin-size worksheet

  • Lay out the ten columns required for a twin-sized quilt. The floor is always a great place to check the layout and audition the border fabric.

Quilt to Give. How to sew an easy twin-sized quilt by Nancy Zieman

  • Stitch the 10 columns together and add the border. It’s all simple stitching, using 1/4″ seam allowances. The quilt top is now ready to be layered and quilted. A long-arm quilter at Quilt Expo will be helping me with that step. Then it will be time to give it away. (I love that part!)

Quilt to Give How to make a quilt Nancy Zieman

Attention Quilt Expo Attendees!

We’re in need of solid fabrics, twin-sized batting, and backing fabrics. If you have any of these fabrics or supplies to donate, we’ll be most grateful!

For links to all 10 Quilt to Give lessons, click here or visit QuiltToGive.com.

The gift is in the giving!

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