There’s something magical about quilts. Perhaps it’s the creative process of selecting color combinations, arranging the blocks to create an overall pattern, or simply enjoying the satisfaction of a well completed project. Illusions Quilts allow quilters and sewists to experiment with hues of color and arrangement of blocks to trick the beholder’s eye into believing the illusion. Based on half-square triangles (HST’s), the illusion quilts are easy to sew and to enjoy.

The Illusion Quilts Made Easy book features nine quilt patterns and details to create your next quilted illusion. Get your copy at Nancy’s Notions.

The book includes instructions for creating half-square triangles using two different techniques:

  • The Point-to-Point Method—using the No-Hassle Triangles Gauge, the Quick Quarter Ruler, or a quilting ruler.
  • Easy Half-Square Triangles Template method of making multiple half-square or quarter-square triangles from two squares of fabrics.
Easy Half-Square Triangles Template by Nancy's Notions

Spotlight on the Slip Knot Quilt Pattern

Ropes, in hues of blue, intertwine and knot around this quilt top. Close observation reveals that the illusion of knots is created within carefully positioned half-square triangles. Learn to make the 72″ x 72″ Slip Knot Quilt pattern using a monochromatic color scheme and your sewing machine. Here are the highlights:


  • 1-3/4 yd, Fabric A—dark blue
  • 1-3/4 yd, Fabric B—light blue
  • 2-1/2 yd, Fabric C—white
  • 5/8 yd. binding
  • 4-1/2 yd. backing
  • Batting
  • Non-Permanent Marking Pen

Note from Nancy: Yardage is based on a 42″/43″ fabric width.


Note from Nancy: The instructions below feature half-square triangles made using the Point-to-Point Method,  the No-Hassle Triangles Gauge Method, or the Two at a Time Technique with the Easy Half-Square Triangles Template.

Cut fabric for HST’s:

  • Cut five 9-7/8″ crosswise strips of Fabric A.
  • Cut two 9-7/8″ crosswise strips of Fabric B.
  • Cut three 9-7/8″ crosswise strips of Fabric C.
  • Subcut the strips into squares for HST’s. Pair two Fabric A strips right sides together with two Fabric B strips; subcut into six 9-7/8″ squares.
  • Pair three Fabric A strips, right sides together, with three Fabric C strips; subcut into ten 9-7/8″ squares.

Using your favorite method above, mark, stitch, cut, and press the HST’s (half-square triangles) needed for this quilt as shown in diagram below and in the Illusion Quilts Made Easy book.

Cut fabric for Solid Colored Squares (SCS)

  • Cut three 9-1/2″ crosswise strips of Fabric B; subcut into twelve 9-1/2″ squares.

  • Cut five 9-1/2″ crosswise strips from Fabric C; subcut into twenty 9-1/2″ squares.
Arrange the Quilt Blocks
  • Assemble the quilt top by first arranging completed blocks on a work surface or design wall as shown:

  • Stitch the blocks into rows. Press seams flat, then press to one side in the opposite direction of the previously constructed row.
  • Stitch rows together; aligning seam intersections and nesting seam allowances to complete the quilt top.

For more ideas on making quilts with half-square and quarter-square triangles, watch No-Hassle Triangles Quilt Blocks on Sewing With Nancy online.

For a chance to win a copy of Illusion Quilts Made Easy  from Nancy’s Notions, please leave a comment sharing which two-color scheme is your favorite for quilts.

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