Landscape Quilting by Nancy Zieman The scene above was a gift that I gave to my niece and her husband as a wedding present. The photo was taken by my brother at their family’s favorite vacation spot in Canada. Fall is just beginning, the boats are ready to be stored for the winter, and it’s time to head home.

Creating landscape quilts is one way that I relax. Getting immersed in a scene, gathering fabrics, cutting shapes, and shading the images makes my heart sing. Not everyone shares my enthusiasms for this form of quilting and I understand why. It looks complicated! Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Natalie Sewell, my quilting buddy and landscape quilting mentor, and I like to break down the designing steps into manageable bite-sized morsels. It’s like the over-used adage: Q—How do you eat an elephant? A—One bite at a time!  We presented this bite-sized landscape quilting concept in Landscape Quilting Workshop and also on TV, which you can watch online

Fall landscape quilting gallery

Peak Color is featured below. It was the first fall landscape scene that I created and is still one of my favorites. Today in Wisconsin, this scene is played out throughout the state.

Peak Color by Nancy Zieman how to create landscape quiltsWolf River Woods was made in memory of my dad and hangs in the Wolf River Town Hall. He lived his entire life on a farm that resides in this township and served in various governing jobs.

Wolf River Woods by Nancy Zieman how to create landscape quilts

View of Home was modeled after a photo that I took many years ago. This wall quilt served as one of those bite-sized lessons in the Landscape Quilting Workshop.

View of Home by Nancy Zieman How to create landscape quilts

Mini Lesson in Landscape Quilting—Creating a fall tree

  • Choose the fabrics: a batik or hand-dyed background fabric, mottled brown fabric for the tree, and a leaf fabric.

How to Landscape quilting Nancy Zieman

  • Cut a background fabric, 6″ x 8.”
  • Roughly cut tree trunks and branches. Glue to the background fabric with a paper glue stick.
  • Messy cut clusters of leaves.

How to Landscape quilting Nancy Zieman

  • Shade the trees. Darken the sides with a permanent marker and highlight the center of the trees with oil pastels.
  • Position, then glue the leaf clusters to the background fabric.

How to Landscape quilting Nancy Zieman

  • Add fall touches to the leaves with the oil pastels.
  • Draw in fine branches with a permanent marker.

How to landscape quilt Nancy Zieman

  • Thread the machine with monofilament thread in the needle and all-purpose thread in the bobbin.
  • Machine baste down the trees and leaf clusters.
  • Add a batting and backing fabric to the quilt design.
  • Stipple the layers. This small landscape quit is an ideal project to test out your stippling techniques.

How to landscape quilt Nancy ZiemanThe back of the mini-quilt shows my stippling stitches. Not necessarily neat! But, that’s okay.

How to landscape quilt Nancy ZiemanThere are twelve (12) landscape quilting lessons in Landscape Quilting Workshop Workbook.

Landscape Quilting workbook nancy Zieman Natalie SewellWhy not give landscape quilting a try!

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