Genesis Wall Hanging by the Devout quilter on Nancy Zieman's blogOur friends, Stephanie Kepecs and Joanne Perlmutter, have generously offered another of their free patternsnamed Genesis, a 21″ x 21″ art quilt.

When offering this pattern to us, Stephanie commented, “We feel that Genesis, the story of creation, is our very best pattern!  It took me years to come up with this design. You could search until the cows come home and you will not find another pattern that represents Genesis. I made one for a Torah cover in a synagogue, but (the wall hanging) would be fitting for any church. It also makes a perfect baby gift!”

Genesis Wall hanging by The Devout Quilter Nancy Zieman's Blog

This wall hanging is more elaborate in design than their other patterns due to the details that are necessary to tell the creation story. Stephanie and Joanne thought through all the particulars, planning a solid outer border to represent the 7th day, a day of rest.

Each panel can be made with different methods of piecing. Panels may be appliquéd or paper-pieced. You get to choose your sewing method of choice! The free downloadable pattern includes both options.

Free Quilt Pattern

Click here to download the free Genesis quilt patterninstructions, and appliqués. The instructions are the property of All rights are reserved. The pattern may be reproduced for your personal use. Quilt shops and other retailers should contact the to receive permission to reproduce the pattern/instructions.


If you have questions about their pattern, please write to Stephanie or Joanne via their website at Also, please take time to thank them! 

Stephanie from Devout Quilter


Joanne  from Devout Quilter


Stephanie says, “Joanne and I both feel strongly that to teach someone is a gift! We get such pleasure seeing someone finish a treasure for their family.” After you’ve created this wall hanging, please share photos of your work of art! Send them to [email protected] and/or

Last year, Stephanie and Joanne offered two other quilt patterns as free downloads: the Betsy Ross Flag and the Love the Dove design. Click on the links (highlighted words) to download.

Betsy Ross Quilt Design by the The Devout Quilter featured on Nancy Zieman's BlogLove the Dove Quilt Pattern The Devout Quilter featured on Nancy Zieman's Blog

Thanks again, Stephanie and Joanne!

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