Double Wedding Ring Quilts/Victoria Findlay Wolfe/Sewing With Nancy Victoria Findlay Wolfe, an improvisational quilter, is my most recent Sewing With Nancy guest who shares her modern, reinvented Double Wedding Ring designs. You might think of the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern with the signature interlocking rings as a very traditional quilt design. Get ready to change your perspective!

Made Fabric

One of Victoria’s signature design elements included in her quilts is made fabric. Somewhere in her Double Wedding Ring quilts you’ll find randomly pieced fabrics that are cut into quilt shapes. Watch Victoria and me demonstrate this improvisational technique online.

Double Wedding Ring Quilts, is this week’s Sewing With Nancy streaming video feature, watch online with my guest, Victoria Findlay Wolfe.   

Iris by Night

Victoria’s quilt, Iris by Night, features made fabric in the concave squares. The quilt is a tribute to Victoria’s grandparents, Leo and Elda whose garden bloomed with yellow irises each spring. Memories and photos of that flower garden served as the inspiration and color palette for this charming quilt.

Double Wedding Ring Quilts/Victoria Findlay Wolfe/Sewing With NancyDouble Wedding Ring Quilts/Victoria Findlay Wolfe/Sewing With NancyPhoto courtesy of Victoria Findlay Wolfe

A Summer’s Day

Did you ever piece a quilt top that wasn’t perfect and then store it away in a closet? That’s what happened with the first version of Victoria’s quilt, A Summer’s Day. There’s no hint of a Double Wedding Ring quilt, just yet!

Double Wedding Ring Quilts/Victoria Findlay Wolfe/Sewing With Nancy

Later, she was inspired to cut it up, add to it, and give it new life. When you watch online, you’ll see how she turned a mistake into a thing of beauty!

Double Wedding Ring Quilts by Victoria Findlay Wolfe as seen on Sewing WIth NancyDouble-Edge Love

Risk taking is great for your creativity! That’s what Victoria’s quilt Double-Edge Love is all about. She took the risk of cutting apart an already pieced quilt top that wasn’t going anywhere. What visually appeared were some sections that reminded her of her roots in the farmland of Minnesota, and the other parts resemble streets of New York City—now her home. Here’s a quilt that visually connects Victoria’s past with her present.

Double Wedding Ring Quilts/Victoria Findlay Wolfe/Sewing With NancyVictoria’s Book is Visually Inspiring

If you need a boost of quilting adrenaline, a walk through Double Wedding Ring Quilts will provide the remedy. With full-size patterns for 10 quilts, the book will teach you the Double Wedding Ring basics plus Victoria’s unique fabric slashing and made fabric methods to create with personality.

Watch Double Wedding Ring Quilts (Part One and Part Two) on Sewing With Nancy online.

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