Grandmother's One Patch Template/Tumbler template by Nancy Zieman

For nonquilters here’s an excellent beginner’s project. It’s a simple design and the blocks can be supersized—up to 10″ in height. It’s also an ideal project to teach to someone who’d like to quilt but doesn’t know where to start—the stitching is streamlined and the results are fast!

When I introduced the Trace ‘n Create Grandmother’s One-Patch Quilting Templates at the International Quilt Market, the response was extremely positive. It’s a product that I designed for Clover, the third in a series of quilt templates. This template set features two traditional 1930s—1940s template designs sewn in a nontraditional way. Either traditional or supersize, the templates streamline the process.

The Tumbler design can be made in any of the four sizes: 4″, 6″, 8″, or 10″. For speed, I like the 10″. The featured lap quilt was made using the large 10″ Tumbler pieces. I selected the large size since this supersize patchwork can easily showcase fabrics with large prints. Here’s how it works:

  •  The strip width to cut for each size is printed on the template.

  •  Stack several cut strips of fabric. Begin by aligning the die-cut area of the Finishing Piece at the narrow end of the strip. Trace along the die-cut area; in this case I’m using the largest size so the tracing is at the edge of the template.

  • Flip the template, align the traced edge with the template side, and trace the other side of the Tumbler shape. Repeat the process until the entire fabric strip has been marked.

  • Align a ruler at each traced line; cut with a rotary cutter. Remember, you can cut numerous layers at once.

  • Lay out the rows, starting and ending with a Finishing Piece.

  • Pin the coordinating pieces of a row together. Offset the end ¼″—the seam allowance width. Stitch. Repeat for each row.

  • Finally, stitch the rows into a quilt top. Simple as that!

In the guide sheet that accompanies the Grandmother’s One-Patch Templates, you’ll find other creative layout options, including my favorite sashed version. View this quilt project, by clicking here.

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During the 2-part Grandmother’s One Patch TV mini-series, watch as I demonstrate the supersize tumbler quilt block. Click here to watch the 1/2-hour TV show.

Sewing With Nancy Grandmother's One Patch Quilt Blocks

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