The 2018 NZP Fat Quarter Mystery is a mystery no more! Team Nancy Zieman is honored to celebrate Nancy Zieman’s legacy with this quilt titled, She’s Our Star. Team Nancy Zieman appreciates everyone of you who have tuned in each month, on the third Saturday, to see a new “She’s Our Star” block tutorial revealed.

Many of Nancy Zieman’s readers, fans, and followers shared their blocks each month with the NZP Team. With so many beautiful quilt blocks shared throughout 2018, we’d love to see your finished top or quilt. When you have your quilt top ready, please email your pictures to [email protected]. Your quilt may be selected as a feature in an upcoming blog post.

If you’ve missed a block, no worries! You can always find block patterns from any of Nancy Zieman’s Block of the Month programs, FREE and linked in the right-hand side bar of this blog.

Farmhouse Florals Fat Quarter Bundle featured in She's Our Star 2018 Block of the Month by Sewing With Nancy Zieman

2018 Block of the Month

She’s Our Star

Supplies to Finish the Quilt

  • 1-3/4 yards Farmhouse Floral Cream Shiplap (setting triangles)
  • 1/4 yard Farmhouse Floral Blue Shiplap (cornerstones)
  • 1-1/4 yards Farmhouse Floral White Shiplap (sashing)
  • Optional: 2/3  yardRed Shiplap for binding

Prepare Setting Triangles

  • Cut twenty-four 9-1/4″ squares from the Farmhouse Floral Cream Shiplap

Prepare Cornerstones

  • Cut twenty 2-1/2″ squares from the Farmhouse Floral Blue Shiplap

Prepare Sashing Strips


  • Cut thirty-one 2-1/2″ by 17-1/2″ strips from the Farmhouse Floral White Shiplap

Assemble and Complete the Quilt

Note From Team Nancy Zieman      All seams allowances are scant 1/4″ unless otherwise stated.


 Prepare Blocks

  • Press and trim all quilt blocks to measure 17-1/2″ square.
1. Place two Farmhouse Floral Cream Shiplap setting triangles on opposite edges of square. Match right sides and align the triangle’s longest edge with the square’s edge. Be sure to center the fabric square within the triangle’s longest edge.
Note From Team Nancy Zieman     Notice that triangles will extend past the cut square about 1/4″ on each end.
  • Stitch using a scant 1/4″ seam allowance.
  • Open and press seam allowances toward the triangle.
  • Repeat these steps by adding two additional triangles on the remaining sides of the square.
  • Trim any small triangles, often called “Dog Ears,” using a pair of scissors or your rotary cutting tools.
  • Open and press seam allowances toward the triangles.
  • Repeat steps for all twelve blocks.

2. Arrange blocks in the order that they will be sewn together leaving spaces for Farmhouse Floral White Shiplap sashing strips.

3. Complete sashing.

  • Prepare block rows—position Farmhouse Floral White Shiplap sashing strips between blocks at left and right edges of each of the blocks.

2018 Nancy Zieman Block of the Month

  • Working with one row at a time, join sashing to blocks, right sides together.
  • Prepare sashing rows. Arrange sashing rows, placing 2-1/2″ Farmhouse Floral Blue Shiplap corner stones between the three 17 -1/2″ x 2-1/2″ White Shiplap sashing strips.

  • Join corner squares to short ends of sashing sections, right sides together.
  • Join sashing rows to block rows.
  • Position sashing rows between block rows at top and bottom edges of the quilt.
  • Join sashing rows to block rows, right sides together.
Ta dah! Here is our finished quilt top, approximately 60″ wide by 78-1/2″ long. We look forward to sharing a photo, when the machine quilting is complete and the red shiplap binding is added!
For a chance to be the random winner of a Farmhouse Floral Fat Quarter Packfabric pack, please leave a comment below.
Farmhouse Florals Fat Quarter Pack by Nancy Zieman for Penny Rose by Riley Blake
Nancy Zieman's Blog Giveaway Winner
The randomly selected winner of 10-pack of Wonder Clips from Clover from the July 14 Summer Splash Roundup post is Starla.
Clover Wonder Clips
Her comment is: I’m making a new bag to hold my swimsuit, towels, goggles, cap, etc.


Happy Quilting,

Team Nancy Zieman

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