When my friend Mary Mulari calls to say that she has an idea for a TV show, I always listen. She’s the most frequent Sewing With Nancy guest, and for good reason. Her tips and techniques always score high with viewers and readers.

The day she called to say that “decorating with zippers” is what she’d like to propose for a new TV show topic, I hesitated for a second. Then I reminded myself that Mary has a unique sense of the next trend. After all, who would have thought 25 years ago that embellishing sweatshirts would become the rage? Mary was one of the first—if not THE first—to creatively embellish on that palette.

During that “zipper” related phone call topic, Mary said was experimenting with just one side of the zipper—a zipper half— to create a loop. She developed a novel technique to reattach the zipper pull. You can read/watch that tip in Stress Free Zippers Book/DVD. It may sound complicated; yet Mary figured it out with just a few steps. These clever loops can be used as embellishment or for bag/tote closures. The zipper flower on the above featured tote is just one example.

Admittedly, the most challenging part of Mary’s zipper technique is to purposely cut the zipper apart! A half of a zipper in my mind generally means big trouble. Not so when you use zippers as an embellishment.

There are 12 other nontraditional uses for standard zippers in Mary’s book. Just think, zippers aren’t  just for pants any longer.

Tuesday’s blog, Top 10 Creative Bag Tips—#2 The Smart Pocket was our most popular blog topic to date! Thanks for reading and sharing the post with your friends. The winner of the Trace ‘n Create Bag Template—Florida Tote Collection is Lisa-Karen Meetze. Here’s her comment:

Very clever! I love this idea.  My favorite place to travel is the Blue Ridge Parkway in Autumn of the year.  I love to see the leaves changing in the mountains. ” Take Me Home, Country Roads” Beautiful!

Karen, your template set will soon be in the mail.

Bye for now,

PS:  Just seven more days until you can watch current Sewing With Nancy episodes online, 24/7! Announcement coming April 1, no fooling.