There’s no doubt in my mind, I have a fascinating job. Why? I learn first hand the latest and greatest in sewing, quilting, and embroidery. Case in point is this week’s online video feature, Fabric Flowers part two, with guest Amy Barickman.

Turn an Old T-Shirt into a Trendy Accessory!

One of the fabric flower features this week is the Frilly Flower. Use a ready-to-be-recycled T-shirt, creatively cut, and then with Amy’s magic, turn it into a necklace or flower accessory. No need to explain the details, we show you how in Amy’s book and also in the video which you can watch online.

Indygo Junction Fabric Flowers

There are Several Ways to Create a Coil Blossom

Made with cording and bias strips of fabric, the coils can be large or small. Plus, the adornments can be worn as hair, garment, or even shoe accessories!

My personal favorite Coil Blossom technique involves using small sections of fabric. Does this mean I must keep all my fabric scraps?

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Denim Accessory

Go on a fabric hunt to the back of your closet for the ideal fabrics for our next Fabric Flower. Search for two shades of denim jeans that are no longer being worn and turn them into a spectacular ragged edge rose. Amy provided the creativity; all we have to do is stitch!

Clover’s Fuse ’n Gather tape is the secret ingredient in this accessory.

Once Old Ties, Now Chic Accessories

If you think neckties are just for guys, think again. Neckties never looked so good before they became a budding tie flower! For our most tailored of fabric flowers, hunt down two coordinating silk ties. After a few seconds of unsewing, they’re ready for refashioning.

You’ll be amazed how fast you can unsew a tie! Then the fun begins.

The Ultimate Dimensional Flower—The Lily Bloom

Add a satin stitch to the edges of petal shapes cut from wool felt and you’re ready to create a Lily. Stacking and stitching adds dimension. Best of all each lily bloom has its own character.

All the details are in one easy-to-follow book!

During the 2-part series, Amy and I only had time to feature 10 easy-to-make flower blooms. In her book, Indygo Junction’s Fabric Flowers, you’ll find 25 options!

Indygo Junction's Fabric FlowersNancy's Giveaway

What is your favorite design option?

Now that you’ve seen the second episode of Fabric Flowers, let me know which design or process is your favorite? Please post below. You can choose from this week’s five options and last week’s five options! We’ll post the random winner on October 18. Amy Barickman has graciously offered to send a copy of Indygo Junction’s Fabric Flowers to the random winner.

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