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I’d like to give you a preview of the new Sewing With Nancy series, Sew Techie Covers. This week the first episode is the featured video on Sewing With Nancy’s Online Video Site. The show is also available to all PBS stations—soon you should find the series on Public TV.

In this first episode you’ll learn these three easy stitching techniques:

  1. E-appliqué tips
  2. How to Stitch Techie Circles
  3. Undercover Stitching accents.

These easy stitching techniques are all great ways of personalizing a cover for your iPad, original Kindle, or a larger Tablet. Intrigued? Just click and watch! To create these great ideas, I used Clover’s E-Tablet & Paper Tablet Keeper Templates—a product that I designed!

E-Tablet & Paper Tablet Keepers Nancy Zieman

Undercover Stitching Showcase

I know that not all of you click to watch the video, sigh…  To give you a little idea of what you may be missing, here are the highlights of one of the three easy stitching techniques, Undercover Stitching (otherwise known as bobbin work).

  • Wind 6- or 12-weight thread in the bobbin, using conventional bobbin winding techniques. I selected Madeira’s Decora 6 wt. thread. Note: If your machine has difficulties winding heavier thread, wind the thread by hand. Thread the needle with all-purpose thread.

Sew Techie Covers Nancy Zieman

  • Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case.
  • Back the fabric with interfacing, and add a second stabilizer and length of interfacing in the stitching area. Then, arc the stitching line on the wrong side of the fabric.
  • Choose a nonsatin, decorative stitch. An outline or open stitch is best suited for bobbin work. Lengthen the stitch for best results. Test the stitch on a sample fabric.

Sew Techie Covers Nancy Ziema

  • Check the look of the stitch on the right side. My test stitch had a few hiccups! So, I adjusted the settings, lengthening the stitch. It doesn’t always go perfectly for me either!

Sew Techie Covers Nancy Zieman

  • Helpful Hint! Some machines handle heavier thread in the bobbin if you bypass the bobbin case tension. In short, don’t pass the thread through the bobbin case tension guide.
  • Also, test a variety of stitch settings, lengthening/shortening or narrowing/widening the stitch length and/or width. A straight stitch is also ideal! A narrower stitch width setting was used for the strap.

Sew Techie Covers Nancy Zieman

A new book with 12 Sew Techie Cover Ideas

Sew Techie Covers Nancy Zieman

The Undercover Stitching idea is just one of 12 techniques found in Sew Techie Covers! Check out all the options!

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