Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy How To Sew a Chalkboard Roll Up

Sew a super easy gift for little kids—it’s a chalkboard roll-up! Take the chalkboard roll-up on your summer road trip, to a restaurant, church, or anywhere your kiddos might need a quiet project. It rolls up for easy storage and transport.

Nancy's 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew Nancy Zieman

The Original Chalkboard Roll-Up

You’ll find detailed sewing instructions in Nancy’s 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew book to sew the original Chalkboard Roll-Up. The featured fabric is laminated cotton and of course, chalkboard fabric.

Nancy's 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew

Nancy’s Blog Exclusive Tips

In this blog, you’ll find Blog Exclusive ideas to make another option, using double-sided quilted fabric.

  • As an option, purchase 1/2 yard of double-sided quilted fabric.
  • Cut the fabric to 18″ x 32″.
  • Serge the edges of the fabric.
  • Purchase the Chalkboard Fabric and cut to size, as detailed in the book.

Nancy's 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew Nancy Zieman

  • On the outside of the fabric, pin and stitch a 5″ strip of Velcro, 10″ from one short end. (We used white Sew-on Velcro on our project, but you can see the black Velcro much easier in the photo).

Nancy's 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew Nancy Zieman

  • Instead of using clear vinyl yardage and creating pockets, we purchased two clear vinyl zip-top pouches from an office supply store. We used two 8″ x 10″ pouches.
  • Lay out the chalkboard fabric and vinyl pouches on top of the quilted fabric. Allow 1″ around three sides of the Chalkboard Fabric. Note: We left the paper insert inside the pouches so that you can see that the pouches are staggered in length and overlapped in the width. As you might guess, take out the paper and cut off the extra length of the pockets before sewing. 
  • Find a 1/2 yard of coordinating grosgrain ribbon and place along right edge of chalkboard fabric pockets.

Nancys 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew Nancy Zieman

  • Machine baste or glue stick the chalkboard to the fabric.
  • Stitch the ribbon to cover the raw edges. Insert a size 90 needle to stitch through all the layers. Hint: Adjust the needle position so that the presser foot glides along the ribbon and not the chalkboard fabric. Otherwise, use a Teflon Foot.

Nancy's 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew Nancy Zieman

  • Fold under 1″ along each edge. Pinning with Wonder Clips works best since the fabric layers are thick.
  • Edgestitch.

Nancy's 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew Nancy Zieman

  • Center and stitch a 2″ Velcro strip to the left short end.
Nancy's 30 favorite Gifts to Sew
  • Ta Da!

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy How To Sew a Chalkboard Roll Up

More year ’round gifts to sew!

For 29 more easy-to-sew gift ideas, make sure you get a copy of Nancy’s 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew book.

Nancy's 30 Favorite GIfts to Sew Nancy Zieman

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