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I am hesitant to admit how many times I’ve chosen this pattern, McCall’s 5890, when sewing knits. Let’s see, there is the eggplant colored knit grouping with a jacket and top, a burgundy knit dress, a light blue jacket . . . You get the idea. It’s my go-to pattern since it travels well, it’s quick to sew, and has year-round styling. Perhaps you’ve seen me wear one or more variations on Sewing With Nancy?

Nancy Zieman McCalls 5890

The secret to why this pattern is quick to sew can be said in one word—elastic. The shoulder seams, necklines, and waistbands are all finished with one version or another of elastic.

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This week, the second episode of Sew Elastics—Stretch Your Options, is the featured online Sewing With Nancy video. You’ll find the Clear elastic technique detailed on the video. If you didn’t watch the first episode, tune in online or on DVD to watch how to sew the “No-Worries Elastic Technique.”

Nancy Zieman McCalls 5890

All of these techniques, plus others, are found in the book and DVD, Sew Elastics—Stretch Your Options.

Sew Elastic - Stretch Your Options

More than elastics on TV!

There are 51 other Sewing With Nancy Programs to watch. Or, view online, or on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Have you downloaded the app?

Nancy's GiveawayFor a chance to win a copy of the book, Sew Elastics—Stretch Your Optionstell me which elastic tip is your favorite from this 2-part series. (Hint, you must first watch the shows!) The random winner will be posted on August 2nd.

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