apron patterns sewing with nancy zieman mary mulariWelcome guest blogger, Mary Mulari, who was my guest on Sewing With Nancy, Easy Reversible Aprons. The second episode of this series is the online streaming video of the week. Mary updated several of the apron patterns. Enjoy her options!

Full Flair Aprons by guest blogger, Mary Mulari

The full aprons in this pattern offer several unique options for aprons that are smart not only in style but in function. Check out the original versions on the pattern cover and then see how I changed the details on these new versions.

Zipped Up Spoonful of Color Apron

The original apron was named for the large spoon appliqué/pocket on the front, but the spoon detail was eliminated for this version. If you’ve watched me as a guest on Sewing With Nancy or read my books and patterns, you’ll know I have a fondness for using zippers in my creations.

nancy zieman mary mulari sewing with nancy

Three zippers trim this colorful apron and form the frames of the small pockets. I created this apron for American & Effird to feature their zippers and threads. I like how the zippers on this apron provide an element of surprise.

apron patterns Sewing With Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

Working Hostess Apron with Special Pockets

Here’s where the spoon appliqué turned up—on one side of the Working Hostess Apron that originally featured a waistband covering an attached towel. The apron body is cut on the bias, as you can easily see on this print.

apron patterns Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

The bowl of the spoon includes a pocket.

apron patterns Nancy ZIeman Mary MulariThe handle of the spoon appliqué has an embroidered monogram from my Travel Gear Made Easy Embroidery CD.

apron patterns Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

Side two of this apron needed more interest. The fabric is a bit plain so I chose to topstitch the apron on the Baby Lock Sashiko machine, using black thread. On this side of the apron, the stitching is the outstanding feature, and on the black and white side, the topstitching disappears in the print. The black buttons I sewed to the V-neckline create a faux necklace, just for fun.

apron patterns Sewing With Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

The apron pocket is removable and adjustable. Using the pocket pattern, I cut different fabrics for the outer and inner linings. I also included a little piping on the outer edges of the pocket. Across the top of the pocket I sewed three buttonholes using my favorite easy technique,  included in the pattern. With the use of a buttonhole template cut from an index card, you can draw and then quickly straight stitch some functional buttonholes. I tried on the apron to plan the pocket placement and then attached three shank buttons to the apron using safety pins. This is easy to do after the apron is assembled because the bottom edge of the apron is open. Now I can remove the pocket before laundering or move it to a different place by repining the buttons. (I call the safety pins “golden metallic fasteners.”)

apron patterns sewing with nancy zieman mary mulari

Child’s Little Helper Apron

Sew this apron for a little girl who is ready to help you bake chocolate chip cookies. (Nancy’s granddaughter is the model!)

apron patterns sewing with nancy zieman mary mulari

One side of the apron has a pocket including a monogram from my Travel Gear Made Easy embroidery CD  to personalize the apron. The bottom edge of this apron is open for easy attachment of movable pockets (a child’s size pocket is included in the pattern) like the Working Hostess Apron above.

apron patterns sewing with nancy zieman mary mulari

The pattern has only one piece, so it’s very easy to cut out. The straps cross in the back of the apron so it stays in place.  Decorate the pocket with an embroidery design from my Appliqués for Aprons embroidery CD.

Kids' apron pattern Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

Kids' apron pattern Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

Aprons, especially reversible aprons, continue to be one of my favorite sewing projects. They’re stylish and practical! If the apron gets messed up with flour or cookie dough, just flip it over to wear the clean side out.

Embroider, appliqué, or use a conversation print to match someone’s hobby or favorite color—it’s all part of the fun in making my apron patterns with a personal touch. Don’t be afraid to mix and match features and fabrics, and if your friend is left-handed make sure the pocket is on the correct side of the apron!

Happy Apron Stitching!

Mary Mulari

 Watch Easy Reversible Aprons Online!

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Easy Reversible Aprons Pattern

The patterns and DVD that accompany this 2-part TV series, Easy Reversible Aprons—Everyday and Elegant, give all the details and instructions.

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Nancy's Giveaway Winner

In my blog, Sew an iPad Case with a Camera Opening, I asked you to let me know what fabric collection, print, or design you’d like to use for your next Tablet Keeper using Clover’s Trace ‘n Create Tablet KeeperTemplate or Trace ‘n Create Tablet Keeper Template 2.0. The random winner is Betty Harden. She said, I would choose to make it out of TT14 Books Novelty Fabric. Thanks for the chance to win. 

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Nancy's Giveaway Winner

The random winner of a Pin ‘n Stow magnetic wrist pincushion is Ella Liddle. She said, The pincushion I use most often is one I made from a small butter bowl. I stuffed it with a piece of fiberfill and put a piece of cloth over the top and pushed it down inside of the bowl. Save the lid to put it back on top. I also have one that fits on your finger. It belonged to my aunt and I got it when she passed away. She was a great quilter. 

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Thank you to Black Waters Coffee!

My favorite coffee shop in our little town of Beaver Dam, WI, is Black Waters Coffee. They graciously allowed us to use their café for our photo shoot. They also have terrific soups, sandwiches, and wraps. If you’re ever here for a visit, stop by and tell them Nancy sent you!  (You can’t go wrong with the soup of the day.)

Sew an Apron Sewing With Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

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