Last weekend the Trace ‘n Create Templates – E-Tablet and Paper Tablet Keepers were introduced to sewists and quilters around the world at the Quilt Market in Houston, TX. It was a treat to demonstrate the easy steps of sewing a Tablet Keeper and feature the opportunities for creativity, such as adding embroidery or embellishments. As the designer of the template set, I’d like to show you first hand how easy they are to create. Perhaps you’ll make one for yourself or give as gifts! First let’s look at the options.

E-Tablet Keepers

Make in three sizes to fit the Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kindle Fire, and other Slates/Tablets.

Paper Tablet Keepers

A $2.95 paper tablet can look just as smart as a $499.00 electronic tablet!

Create all six options with the Trace ‘n Create Template – E-Tablet & Paper Tablet, which are die-cut for easy tracing!

Here are the steps to create an E-Tablet Keeper

Trace, Cut, and Interface—50 Minutes

  • Find a great fabric selection. A Fat Quarter Bundle of coordinating prints make an ideal palette.
  • Fold the outer fabric, align the template along the fold, and trace through the die-cut areas of the size on the template that you’d like to create.

  • Cut out one for the outer tablet keeper and a second for the inner layer.
  • Add fusible shirtailor interfacing to the wrong side of each. Also cut one layer of Pellon’s Peltex.

Note from Nancy: If you haven’t noticed, you’ll see various fabrics in the photos. We took the step-by-step photos of a variety of Tablet Keepers — not all the same fabric. You know what they say about variety!

Create and Add the Strap—40 Minutes

  • In the instructions, I’ll give you guidelines on the length of the straps. You’ll find that you can quickly and easily make them with 1″ Create-a-Strap.

  • You’ll also be instructed where to add Velcro strips and one O-Ring, D-Ring, or Rectangular Hardware.

  • There’s no guess-work where the strap should be placed, align the template on top of the outer fabric. Draw the lower strap placement through the die-cut areas.

  • Align the strap along the marking.
  • Stitch three sides, ending the stitch 1″ from the right edge. The outer E-Tablet Keeper is almost finished!

Create the Interior of the E-Tablet Keeper—30 Minutes

  • Place the template on the fabric. Mark the placement for the elastic at all four corners.

  • Cut the elastic the noted length and stitch to the interior fabric.

Note from Nancy: Are you wondering where we purchased bright blue elastic? It’s a cut up stretchy headband! Never having enough hair to wear a headband, I didn’t know that they existed. Staff members gave the suggestion—what a great idea. Not to worry, regular white or black elastic works too!

Create an Inner Spine—30 Minutes

  • Using the smallest 5/8″ Create-a-Strap, make an inner spine.

  • Layer the outer and inner fabrics wrong sides together with the Peltex sandwiched in the middle.
  • Stitch along each side of the spine. There’s a die-cut area on the template to mark the spine placement – you’ll have no worries about centering this important piece!

  • Stitch along three edges; each side and the lower edge.
  • Insert the appropriate size Pre-Cut Tablet Keeper Shapers. The Shapers are very firm, thick plastic.

Note from Nancy: The shapers are the key to creating a safe, firm, and  professional keeper for your tablet. Don’t skimp on this step. Someone thought they would substitute poster board. Hmm, just think about a $500 electronic tablet protected by poster board! Not such a good idea.

Add Binding—60 Minutes

Use your favorite binding technique to finish off your E-Tablet Keeper.

Ta Da!

  • Insert your Electronic Tablet. Enjoy!

Note from Nancy: These times are estimates. Some of you will stitch faster, others, well you know! Regardless, this is a project that you can accomplish in just a few hours with lasting results!

Would you like to see more Tablet Keepers made by my sewing friends, quilting acquaintances and fellow fiber artists?

Nancy Zieman Blog Tablet Keeper Blog Tour Badge

Mark your calendar for January 3 and join me as we kick off the Tablet Keeper Blog Tour. Twenty-one bloggers have been selected to participate in the Blog Tour. Clover will send them a Tablet Keeper template set, plus all the findings (shapers, create-a-strap, hardware, etc.) The guest blogger’s job will be to add a creative element to their Tablet Keeper and take digital photos of each step. Each day, for 21 days in January, we’ll visit a different artist’s BLOG to see their Tablet Keeper creation.

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