The Sew-A-Scarf Challenge has been great fun! I enjoyed the creativity, the fabric choices, and the designs. Thank you to each of our contestants for entering the challenge.

Drum Roll Please . . .

The winning scarf is the Cherry Leopard Print Cascade by Christina JMJ (Christine Anne Hirschfeld).

An interview with the winner!

When we sent Christine Anne Hirchfeld an email telling her that she won the Sew-A-Scarf Challenge, she enthusiastically responded saying, I am so incredibly excited to have won this challenge! I almost don’t care about the prize—although I can certainly use it for my Baby Lock. Christine will receive a $179 Sewing Machine Trolley Bag from Baby Lock as the first place prize in this challenge.

She also added that she has made over 100 scarves after watching the Sewing With Nancy TV series, Sensational Scarves. With enthusiasm like that, I knew you’d like to get to know her. Here’s my interview with Christine Anne Hirschfeld:

Christine Anne Hirschfeld

Q: What was your inspiration to create the Cherry Leopard Print Cascading Scarf?

A: What do you do when you’re invited to a cocktail party honoring a contemporary artist and you’re not sure how to accessorize that basic little black dress without breaking the bank on new jewelry? Simple! A sizzling hot scarf with a lot of personality. The upcoming wardrobe dilemma was in the back of my mind when I went shopping for quilting fabric. On my way to the calicos I passed a display of chiffons. Someone placed the cherry leopard print carelessly on the shelf and some yardage tumbled onto the floor in an iridescent tumble. It was a lightbulb moment. In my mind I saw Nancy’s Cascading Scarf—but with hairspray! (The female version of being on steroids) I knew exactly what I was going to make and I knew I would look absolutely smashing.

Q: Are there any special hints that you’d like to share with others that you learned while creating this scarf?

A: I learned several important points while making this scarf. First, always cut your fabric much longer than the piece you think you need. Fortunately, I purchased quite a few yards of this fabric to allow for the mistake of initially cutting too small a piece. Second, chiffons and organzas don’t always behave well when using a serger with a cutting blade. Sometimes the stitching separates from the fabric if you haven’t cut on the bias. It’s best to make a clean initial cut with your rotary blade and then use the hem rolling feature. Finally, before finalizing the ruffle, I sewed a long basting stitch and gathered it to experiment with the final length and depth of the ruffle, as well as the placement. I found that I was most pleased with a slightly off-center line to create more dimension to the scarf. When I was happy with it, I sewed a permanent stitch a scant 1/4″ to the side and pulled out the basting.

Q: Do you have a favorite color palette that you tend to choose when buying fabric?

A: I am a rainbow girl. While I love combinations of pastel pink, green, and lilac, I also adore rich burgundy and hunter green, as well as jewel toned blues, greens, and purples. I will tell you that I dislike browns, but combined with golds and rusts they are also a favorite.

Q: What’s your favorite time of day to sew?

A: We live by the sea. In the earliest hours my senses are filled with the soft morning light mingled with the ever-present ocean waves and tiny cries of hungry birds. I am ready to sew in solitude before the distractions of the day come crashing in, uninvited.

Q: What fabric best describes your personality?

A: Without a doubt, my personality would be a sunny citrus batik. Layers of cheerful brights with smudges of mysterious bits in between. And, of course, those accidental wax splatters that leave the most unexpected surprises.

 The other winners and their great creations

Congratulations to the following scarf designers:

  • 2nd Place: Lace Cascading Scarf by Yasmeen—$120 Serger Thread Pack from Madeira 

Nancy Zieman Sew-A-Scarf Sewing Challenge

  • 3rd Place: Fabric Pieces by Beth Kloss—$100 Gift Certificate from Nancy’s Notions 

Nancy Zieman Sew-A-Scarf Sewing Challenge

We had a tie for 4th place:

  • 4th Place: Dots by by JaneMyersUP—$68 Rotary Cutters, Refill Blades, and Cutting Mat Package from Clover

Nancy Zieman Sew-A-Scarf Sewing Challenge

  • 4th Place: Cascading by MonicaWilson62—$68 Rotary Cutters, Refill Blades, and Cutting Mat Package from Clover

 Nancy Zieman Sew-A-Scarf Sewing Challenge

Thank you to the above companies for donating wonderful prizes! And, thank you for voting!

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Nancy's Giveaway WinnerI enjoyed reading your comments sharing the color scheme options you’d use to make a bargello quilt design. The random winner of Maggie Ball’s book, Bargello Quilts with a Twist is Joan Davidson. I would do my bargello in tones of blues and whites. That is my favorite combination. Bargello with a twist seems very simple to do, and I would really enjoy the book and making one of the quilts.

Bargello Quilts with a Twist Maggie Ball Nancy Zieman

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