sew easy buttonholes nancy zieman sewing pattern

Are you leery of making buttonholes? Somehow stitching buttonholes has received a less than positive reputation! Baby Lock has come to the rescue by giving us a camera—yes, a camera, to assure perfect buttonhole alignment with the Ellisimo Gold machine. Generally I haven’t given machine specific instructions in one of my blogs, yet this feature is so amazing that I knew you’d like to be kept up to date of the newest feature.

A great way to showcase the camera feature of this sewing machine is to make pillows, of course, pillows with buttons and buttonholes.

Basic Pillow Instructions

1. Cut the fabric.

To determine the fabric dimensions, start with the size of your pillow form. Pillow forms are available in many sizes. Listed below are details for 14″, 16″, 18″, and 20″ sizes.

  • To determine the fabric width, add 1″ to the pillow size. For example:
    • 14″ pillow form = 15″ fabric width
    • 16″ pillow form = 17″ fabric width
    • 18″ pillow form = 19″ fabric width
    • 20″ pillow form = 21″ fabric width
  • To determine fabric length, double the pillow size and add 10″. For example:
    • 14″ pillow form, 14″ + 14″ + 10″ = 38″
    • 16″ pillow form, 16″ + 16″ + 10″ = 42″
    • 18″ pillow form, 18″ + 18″ + 10″ = 46″
    • 20″ pillow form, 20″ + 20″ + 10″ = 50″
  • For example, for a 16″ pillow form, cut a 17″ x 42″ rectangle of fabric.

2. Cut a rectangle of medium-weight fusible interfacing the same size as outer fabric. Press to fabric back.

3. Clean finish all four edges of the rectangle by zigzagging or serging.

sew easy buttonholes nancy zieman sewing pattern

 4. Place the fabric wrong side up and turn up 4″ on each short edge. (I like to use the 5-in-1 Gauge. It’s accurate.) Fuse or stitch in place.

sew easy buttonholes

5. Add buttonholes and buttons as detailed in the video Lights—Camera—Buttonholes! This is the important step. The video gives all the details!

6. Stitch the side edges of the pillow using 1/2″ seams.

sew easy buttonholes nancy zieman sewing pattern

7. Turn the pillow right side out. Sew on the buttons. Insert the pillow form.

sew easy buttonholes nancy zieman sewing pattern

I hope you enjoyed sewing this high tech way of adding buttonholes!

Bye for now,

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