Twist & Shout scarf by Nancy Zieman

The detailed sewing instructions for this infinity scarf (cowl version) are found in the book, Sensational Scarves; a simple rectangle of fabric is all that’s needed.

Twist & Shout Scarf Sewing Tips

  • The Twist & Shout name is just the handle I gave this scarf since the unique knit with rows and rows of ruffles gives dimension and life to the basic scarf design. The fabric choice is certainly the focal point of the scarf.

Twist & Shout scarf by Nancy Zieman

  • In order to sew the seams without a million pins, simply machine baste down the sides prior to seaming.

Twist & Shout scarf by Nancy Zieman

  • In the video or instructions, I give you the dimensions for the scarf. There are only two basic seams. First—the long edges are seamed together, leaving a 4″–6″ opening near one end.
  • A nip marking along the fold is needed at each short end.

Twist & Shout scarf by Nancy Zieman

  •  Half of the scarf tube is turned right side out. You can see how it twists.
Twist & Shout scarf by Nancy Zieman

  • Then, the short ends are aligned, matching the seam and nips.
Twist & Shout Scarf by Nancy Zieman
  • The second seam sews the scarf ends together.
  • After turning the scarf right side out through the opening, you’ll find that there’s an infinity shape!
Twist & Shout Scarf by Nancy Zieman

  • Hand stitch the opening closed. Presto—a terrific scarf! If it looks this good on the stairs, image how stunning it will look on you!

Twist & Shout scarf by Nancy ZiemanFind 13 more inspirational scarf ideas in Sensational Scarves.

sensational scarves by nancy zieman

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