Nancy Zieman Expressive Serging Sweatshirt Makeover

The change of seasons is underway. It’s kind of like Mother Nature’s makeover. What a perfect time to make over a plain sweatshirt into an Expressive Sweatshirt! Here’s my serger spin-off of Mary Mulari’s “Serge and Twist Sweatshirt Vest.” After the sweatshirt-to-vest transformation, cut 1″ strips from the leftover sleeves.

Nancy Zieman Expressive Serging Sweatshirt Makeover

  • Serge each side of the strips—I used Baby Lock’s wave stitch.
  • Periodically tie soft knots in each strip length.
  • Position, pin, and stitch strips to the vest using monofilament thread.

Want to see the sweatshirt transformation online? Push play below:

If you don’t have a wave stitch on your serger, consider the overlock option. It’s equally as creative.

expressive serging by nancy zieman

expressive serging by nancy zieman

Follow the directions in the Expressive Sweatshirts book to make over a sweatshirt into a vest. Or watch my guest, Mary Mulari, and me present the two-part series of Expressive Sweatshirts part 1 and part 2 online at or on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Expressive Sweatshirts

Nancy's Giveaway WinnerThe random winner of Copy Cat Patterns book is Maureen Scott. Her comment:  Thanks for this reminder….I’ll be coping a great little 3/4 spring coat in a new fabric so I can switch it out…..first I’ll practice with a little mandarin collared box jacket that has seen better days because I could bear to give it up!

Copy Cat Patterns by Nancy Zieman

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