Sensational ScravesLong or short, scarves are fashion statements that are as enjoyable to create as they are to wear. Use lightweight woven or knit fabric and with a few sewing tips, you’ll be creating Sensational Scarves. Donna Fenske, one of the ace Sewing With Nancy designers was my guest during the 2-part TV series to share our favorite scarf creations.

Sensational Scarves by nancy zieman

The scarf that I’d like to showcase, is the Spiral Scarf. It’s amazing how it goes together, plus you can sew it in 20 minutes!

Start with a rectangle of long fabric. As you’ll learn during the TV show and in the book, the width of the fabric must be divisible by the length! Sound confusing? Here’s a guideline. Start with a width of 10″ and a length of 90″. Or, try an 8″ width and a 72″ length. See, it’s not that difficult. By the way, when the scarf is sewn, the width and length will reduce by 1/3, so start with a longer and wider piece. Using a little sewing savvy, a long strip of fabric turns into a totally bias scarf.

Sensational Scarves by nancy zieman

Normally, I’d take photos of each step of the way. Truth be told, it’s SO much easier to watch the technique than to look at the still photos. So, click and watch the first show of the two-part series online! Or, watch on PBS or on DVD.

Sensational Scarves by Nancy Zieman

Donna and I showcase 13 other scarf techniques during the 2-part series. All the instructions, including this amazing scarf is in the book, Sensational Scarves.

Sensational scarves by nancy zieman

Attention Serger Owners—there’s more!

You can create this same scarf in even less time using an overlock stitch on your serger! This video gives the details! The same measurements apply with a slightly different technique, resulting in exposed seams. How fun is that!

Sensational Scarves by Nancy Zieman

Sensational scarves by nancy zieman

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