By Roxanne Nickolie, Nancy’s Notions Guest Blogger

A couple weekends ago I headed to the state fair for a little food and fun. While I was there I was stunned to spot a lineup of critter hats that looked like distant, perhaps slightly deflated relatives of our Cuddle Buddies. They were slung beneath a row of outlandish squids, making them look like a pitiful marine dinner. Their paws lay open exposing feet that could belong to any animal. My sister approached and said, “why wouldn’t you just cut the head off a stuffed animal and sew it to a scarf?” Her disdainful remark brought up a valid question. Why not make it yourself?

In reflection of this question and in honor of our prestigious assemblage of huggable, happy Cuddle Buddies, I’ve come up with 15 reasons why sewing trumps purchasing—every time.

15 Reasons to Stitch, Not Buy

1. Customizing. Adding personal touches makes your projects beyond valuable. Extra bonus: Kids actually want to wear their hats and scarves.

2. Honing your skills. Whether it’s pillowcases or Halloween costumes, practice makes perfect!

3. Fitting. No matter how the little ones squirm and wriggle, you can rest assured they’ll fly back home—all clothing intact.

4. Making One-of-a-kind clothing. When you hone your sewing skills, you hone your style. People will see your creations and say, “I know who made that!”

5. Imitating designer looks at half the price. In a dream world, children’s clothes would be cheaper than adults’ because they use less fabric. If only, if only…

6. Free-styling. Certainly sewing is not the easiest hobby on the market, but mishaps are the bread and butter of mastering the art. Sometimes the worst mistakes can turn into the most innovative results.

7. Saving money. Outgrown clothes don’t have to mean money in the trash. You can refurbish old garments into gorgeous, meaningful projects without ever stepping foot in a store.

8. Satisfying the craving for a craft. Quench your thirst, and end up with a kid-approved gift for your favorite Cuddle Buddy. It’s a win-win!

9. Gaining confidence. It’s an impressive feat, learning how to sew. Never be afraid to say, “I made that!”

10. Having fun. The fun factor skyrockets when the finished product is for someone you love.

11. Slowing down. Maybe it’s the thrumming of the needle, or the quiet time away from responsibility, but anybody who sews knows stitch therapy is real.

12. Inspiring those around you. What a profound feeling to have someone see your finished product and ask, “Could you teach me how to make that?” And, how extraordinary it is when the question is posed by a child.

13. Belonging to a community. Quilting clubs, sewing retreats, or blogs—in the world of sewing, you’re never alone.

14. Accomplishing a goal. Whether you’re sitting back with a glass of wine inspecting your quilting handiwork or watching your family fawn over your granddaughter in her new perky, pink bunny ears, the kind of fulfillment you get from finishing a project is unparalleled.

15. Creating a legacy. Chances are your projects will stick around a lot longer than you will. For generations your family will refer to you as “the one who sewed.” Knowing how to sew isn’t just a hobby, it’s an identity—one that will win you respect far beyond your years.

What are the reasons you sew? Let us know in the comments below!

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