The second episode of Quilts from the House of Tula Pink, the newest Sewing With Nancy mini-series, features more of Tula Pink’s bold, big, and modern quilts. Three more modern quilt designs are featured during this episode of my 30th anniversary series. I’d like to showcase Tula’s Stacks design.

Modeled after the things in life that get piled up—books, parking tickets, and elusive socks—this quilt design makes a little beauty out of the chaos and turns the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Overview of the quilting pattern, Stacks

Start by selecting at least seven different prints and a neutral background fabric.

Follow Tula’s cutting instructions and make seven specific cuts from each print. There are also specific cutting instructions for each background fabric.

Then, select one of each of the seven fabric cuts for each grouping. You’ll have at least seven different groupings.

Create half-square triangles from the square cuts.

Stitch a background and print fabric together, creating a continuous tube. (The directions are very clear as to which pieces are sewn together.) Then make a vertical cut somewhere in the background fabric. This is a very cool step; it really doesn’t matter where you cut. Repeat, creating tubes and then cutting them apart for each segment of the 18″ block.

Then, create the Stacks, mixing up the layouts of each block. Pictured are four options. The big 18″ blocks really remind me of the stacks of things I have, especially in my office!

Thanks to Tula Pink for being my guest. I had a great time learning from her and being inspired by her designs. I know you will too!

Nancy Zieman and Tula Pink

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