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Almost every sewing machine is sold with at least four to five presser feet. Yet many sewists or quilters use an average of two feet for all their stitching. Somehow with the feet hidden away in an accessory box, we tend to forget about them. Welcome to Fancy Footworks 2, a Sewing With Nancy sequel, showcasing the uses of presser feet, and this week—part three of the 3-part series—is the Sewing With Nancy Online Featured Video. 

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A Close-up Look at the Free-Motion Quilting Foot

One of the most common requests on my blog is how to get the courage to attempt free-motion machine quilting. Trust me, you don’t need courage, just practice! Here’s a no-fear way to practice where the stitches are completely camouflaged by textured fabric. It’s the perfect testing ground for this specialty technique, using a quilting foot.

The Free-Motion Quilting Foot Characteristics (I’m showing the Big Foot):

•            A shorter shank allows the foot to ride slightly above the fabric.

•            The large opening in the needle area gives a clearer view of the stitching.

•            Big Foot, a transparent saucer-like foot, easily glides over several thickness of fabric.

Big Foot Low Shank

  • Choose a fun cotton fabric print with spaces between the print images.
  • Place a layer of Texture Magic behind the fabric and pin the two fabrics together. (Texture magic shrinks up to 30%—it’s the key element in no-fear free-motion quilting!)

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Fancy Footworks Part Three

  • Set your sewing machine for a straight stitch and lower your feed dogs.
  • Guide fabric with your hands, stitching squiggles or shapes comparable to traditional “puzzle-pieces.” Use matching thread. (We chose contrasting thread for demonstration purposes.)

Nancy Zieman Fancy Footworks 2

  • Apply steam using a steam iron, and the fabric magically shrinks creating a beautiful permanent texture.

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Fancy Footworks 2 Part Three

There’s more on the TV show!

Three additional presser feet are featured in Fancy Footworks 2 Part Three. Tune in and see the Bias Binder Foot—designed to assist in stitching bias tape on the edge of fabric, Sequins’ N Ribbon Foot—tames unruly trims like sequin tape, ribbon, or even rick rack, and the Buttonhole Foot.

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Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Fancy Footworks 2 Free-Motion Quilting Foot

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